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December 14th 2014
Published: December 15th 2014
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Looking good in the UAELooking good in the UAELooking good in the UAE

Five minutes into this excursion and Kyle decided i needed to invest in a quality, tailor-made abaya. I'm not sure what prompted this thought.
Our first day in Abu Dhabi and we were wide awake long before the rest of the City. We slept well on our flight, but we are not immediately adjusted to our new time zone that is 10 hours ahead of home. Dad and I were awake at 4am because we were so hungry. (Thank you Mom for the Rice Krispy Treats!)

After a big breakfast, we ventured out to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It was stunning--emmaculate, well manicured landscape, friendly staff and high level security. The mosque is home to the world's largest Persian rug. It was a peaceful, inviting place.

We are a little taken aback by the prosperity, orderliness, cleanliness and quiet nature of Abu Dhabi. We have never been to a Middle Eastern country where the drivers are not regularly honking their car horns as they drive! The traffic flows smoothly in response to traffic lights and rules of the road. The highways make I-70 look quaint, if not dated. The modern highways and luxury vehicles make a perfect combination for driving at extreme speeds, but I suppose that is to be expected.

A brief nap to cure our jetlag hangover and we were back exploring. If shopping is the national pastime, we would be remiss to not investigate at least one mall! We stopped in the Yas Mall for burgers and fries and then to the beach for a long walk. Gorgeous weather, or as Kyle says, "chamber of commerce weather."

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Don't Stand So Close to MeDon't Stand So Close to Me
Don't Stand So Close to Me

Under the watchful eyes of a security officer we took this photo. We made sure to not touch, show any affection or act like we liked each other too much.
Shopping in Abu DhabiShopping in Abu Dhabi
Shopping in Abu Dhabi

We had only taken a few steps into the Yas Mall when we passed this Lee store. Yes, you are reading the red sweatshirt correctly. It says "a Kansas company!" We went in the store and were laughing about the shirts that also said "a Missouri Kansas City company," but the salesperson was staring at us blankly. I'm not sure she appreciated the irony.

15th December 2014

Glad the welcome sweatshirt I sent made it in time! Sneak over there tomorrow, though, and correct the spelling of "expierience". We mustn't have that. Beauty all around. Amazing. the U.S. no longer defines "opulence" or up-to-date! No touching!
15th December 2014

Oh my gosh, those columns and the architecture at the mosque is gorgeous!! I would have been there photographing it all day. Just beautiful!!!
15th December 2014

It looks you're having a great time, is that your dad?
16th December 2014

Hi Joe! One of the photos is of my husband and the other is of my dad. I take them with me on all my travels! :)
15th December 2014
Looking good in the UAE

Great photos
Well, you made it! The gleaming white of the Mosque nearly hurt my eyes to look at it in the photos, can't imagine that you aren't squinting while looking at it in person! Nice outfit Vals!
15th December 2014

It's beautiful! I want to know how they keep their floors so clean... Enjoy your trip!
15th December 2014
Shopping in Abu Dhabi

Oh goodness!
Once again I am completely jealous of your travels! So beautiful! I can't even imagine how grand it is in person! I didn't know that Missouri Kansas City was so famous... ;) People probably assume it is in California or New York! :)

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