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September 30th 2009
Published: September 30th 2009
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Ramadan Festivities
The weather!....

At the start of September, AD was still unbareably 45 degrees every day!..with high it was an effort or stupidity to go outside much during the day. The dash to your car or waiting for a taxi was a debateable you bother or not?

I am pleased to report that by the months end, the weather has pleasantly changed! We are still in high 30's, but that now feels like a cool day...and there is a breeze..which you dont often get. There has even been the odd sighting of a cloud or two.( seriously...we usually don't have clouds) Soon we will be able to resume our Corniche evening walks I hope! (well I walk,.. Paul often runs!)

With the weather improving & Ramadan over life can resume almost to normal. Shops & cafes are all open again, school summer holidays are over...the masses of Abudhabians & expats who fled the country during the summer months (this max exodus is the norm) are all trickling into town again. The opening of Australias' "Jones the Grocer" (very cool cafe & grocer), was a big excitement for all us Aussies here....Woollahara came to AD!

Little details...

Get used to riding in taxis without seatbelts!... pushbikes with no helmets or lights usually riding down the wrong side of busy roads.... its all "Sir" & "Madam"...hey which is actually quiet nice! There are no street numbers on any buildings, so giving directions & getting taxis can be a challenge, you have to describe the nearest landmark or well known highrise... & to go behind a building is called "backside" of X building....Cars park anywhere, which I have mentioned before, including in the middle of the streets & on pedestrian crossings.....some cars are left running while their owner shops keep the aircon going in the cool on their return!

Beautiful perfume shops,especially the Arabic oil pefumes & beautiful bottles... old mosques on most corners with loud speakers hailing the call to prayer ... lots of Morrocan mint tea, the best homous ever!.. non stop sunshine....non stop construction on building sites close to apartment!...getting used to daily pool...its a hard life!, especially when its on the rooftop!!

Ok more to come....

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Corniche lake

Sheesha cafe, Corniche


Team Abu Dhabi...

Yas Island

Yas Island

Yas Island

Yas Island

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