Greetings from Abu Dhabi

Published: March 1st 2009
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Greetings from Abu Dhabi

Well, this is the first entry so I am just learning to navigate blog technology! Bare with me.....

I am an Australian artist visiting & travelling this part of the Middle East, painting as I go....with trips to the UK for a spot of gallery rummaging....

I have set up a small studio where I am staying & am trying to continue my painting in between pool visits!

Abu Dhabi is a unique city, only developed since about 1970 into its current state of ultra modern skyscapers along side more of the original 1970s lower rise buildings which are more often than not in a state of crumbling decay.

There is an abundace of wealth, the emirate locals gliding elegantly in their dish dash & burkas, driving oversized 4 wheel drives equiped for desert dune bashing as they drive in their personalised unique road rules to the massive ultra modern shopping malls!

The town is mostly full of expat workers... a heirachy of the more senior postitions down to the "workers" on the building sites & house maids & nanny's....

Overall there is a lot of contrast..
side by side, of extreme wealth, next to rundown buildings.. luxurious landscaped parks full of water features, next to crumbled footpaths in the back streets . Hummers driving next to old taxis, no seat belts, all driving madly fast, horns honking continously, swerving in & out of lanes & parking (for free) anywhere..that sometimes means right in the middle of a road, up on curbs, across pedestrian crossings, on the edge of corners!
Hazy dusty sandstorm days, followed by clear sunshine but always Hot! Old mosques on every corner, loudspeakers of prayer time chants, starting about 5.30am.... Overtowerd by glass & steel new skyscrapers.

Ok, more to I figure out how to do it!


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