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Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme October 2nd 2013

It was a bit black over Bill’s Mother’s when we woke (a black-country saying that means there are black clouds above), with the sun trying to peek through we packed up and took the minutely short journey to our first destination for the day. Woolly says – it was only 2 KM to reach Yazilikaya or Written Rock, situated right next to Hattusa and another UNESCO site. This place would have been a Sanctuary and the Hittite’s would have held their New Year festivals here although their New Year was in the spring, I wonder if they had fireworks and lots of alcohol? Things were very different then Woolly and no they wouldn’t have sung Auld Lang Sine either before you ask. It was in use from at least the late 16th century BC, but most ... read more
The King
The male relief's
Very clear carving

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Sultanahmet October 1st 2013

Istanbul, Turkey My hotel, the Byzantium, is located on a very narrow cobble stone street near Sultanhamet Square, the heart of old Istanbul. The streets here are crowded with small hotels and restaurants. If you are ever here I highly recommend the Byzantium, . The rooms are clean and the staff friendly and accommodating. The sidewalk café is a great place to sip strong coffee and watch the parade of locals and tourists. Breakfast is included and is very tasty. The rooftop restaurant has a commanding view of the Mamara Sea in one direction, the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia in the other. Have a glass of Raki and let the cares of the world fade away. Istanbul is such a large city with so many layers of history and culture it is ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Ortahisar October 1st 2013

We sat on the veranda of the Atahan Hotel for breakfast watching Ollie having a bath by several Turkish men who were fascinated with his steering wheel being in the ‘wrong’ place. A nice way to start the day with Chi and coffee and the obligatory salad and cheese. Thanking the staff for their hospitality we pointed Ollie in the direction of Corum and off we went. Woolly says – I knew where we were going today but Jo didn’t have a clue. At the first town the locals watched us passing several times with grins getting bigger at each circuit. Finally ignoring James we managed to find the main road and cruised off. The trip through the mountain passes was lovely and with the sun in the sky and the clouds clearing quickly, we rolled ... read more
The Sacrafice
A Big Bath

Middle East » Turkey » Black Sea » Sinop September 30th 2013

We slept well having eaten in the Hotel Restaurant the night before…. Woolly says – I liked it when we asked for the menu and the man went to fetch it. He came back nearly 10 minutes later with a plate with frozen kofte and frozen chicken on it, then pointed to each and said “Kofte….Pilic” in his best English……I mean Turkish. Of course this was a slight problem for Jo. After a phone call and a lot of head shaking it appeared that Jo was having breakfast until Ian stepped in and sorted out some fish, and the meal turned out to be rather good. The food was very good and the fish was perfectly cooked, unfortunately breakfast wasn’t available so we piled a moaning Mammoth into Ollie in the morning and headed off following ... read more
A Very Blue Black Sea
Slow Traffic!
View from the tent

Middle East » Turkey September 29th 2013

Denizli Pamukkale and Cappadocia tours nevsehir reached after a trip to the past four hours. Be the first cave into our hotel in Urgup. This is a very large cave room was large and spacious, and the place where a natural ventilation system. Have made a very nice organic village in the early morning breakfast. surrounding milk and honey, butter, cheese olives and villages that have been made and completely organic product were very tasty indeed my favorite of the eggs very tasty and fresh. in the morning We went early in the open-air museum can not see with our guide and cave rooms with a large number of people who have lived here and have made many beautiful churches. Zelve open air each one is a very nice museum, fairy chimneys, which are a wonder ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Black Sea » Trabzon » Yomra September 28th 2013

Woolly says – This is ridiculous I was woken at 6.30am on a Friday morning!!!! I mean, REALLY! Don’t they know I need my beauty sleep? At least I managed to fit breakfast in which was a bonus. Ollie blinked sleepily at us as we climbed in and Ian checked his fluids, all done and we were on the road for 8am. Much though Woolly might have moaned we wanted an early start after yesterday’s lack of progress. We had an eight hour drive in front of us and hopefully a campsite at the end of the journey. We flew through the mountain roads with Ollie eating up the miles, past the town of Malatya where we had previously planned to spend the night and back into the mountains again. Woolly says – the views were ... read more
Inside Sumela Monastory
A Monk's Eye View
Ceiling Fresco

Middle East » Turkey September 27th 2013

Ephesus, after a journey of five hours Located in Pamukkale, Denizli arrived and checked into our hotel here. Pamukkale tours in two days set aside for stayed at the hotel the first day. Our hotel room had a very large and it's a four-star hotel in the thermal healing water. a thermal indoor pool with water temperature 20-25 had the pool and swam here and nice and fun. Especially in very large open-air pool, swam in the pool and soak up the sun all day and had a very enjoyable day. We went to the hotel for dinner and taverns turkish dishes were very special here. the kinds of foods made ​​with meat grilled meat dishes and my favorite nice. Finally, we drank apple tea after eating an ice cream is great. Late in the evening ... read more
Cotton Castle
Cotton Castle
Cotton Castle

Middle East » Turkey » Southeastern Anatolia » Mount Nemrut September 26th 2013

It was a good start to the day, the previous night Ian had given one of his lighters to the Manager at the site (certain colours on it which the Kurd’s have a link to, we have given away a few of these in the past!) and we were offered a free breakfast. Woolly says – I was straight to the buffet table to collect my hard boiled eggs, bread, melon and grapes, I left the salad for someone else. Fed and watered we finished packing up and hit the road. Ollie would need some fuel but we decided to leave it for a bit, that was the first mistake of the day. After trying several petrol stations with each telling us ‘No Benzene’, we carried on for a while but realising that we were heading ... read more
Dieties 1
Deities 2

Middle East » Turkey » Southeastern Anatolia » Samliurfa September 25th 2013

After a reasonable night’s sleep we headed downstairs for breakfast only to be re-directed to the third floor for the restaurant area….. Woolly say – everything was laid out buffet style with the usual mix of cheeses, eggs, salad and olives. We tucked in and all seemed fine until a rather angry gentleman took his wife from the room, the waiter tried to explain that Jo was insulting and rude! Poor Jo was very upset, as friends know she is the most PC person going and is always telling everyone about respecting other cultures and beliefs, but dressed in her shorts and strappy T Shirt she had upset the cultural beliefs of some by not covering her legs and shoulders. As we live in Alanya clothing is never an issue but East is a much more ... read more
Overview of Gobekli Tepe
Two Graves and a Wishing Tree
Huge carved T Stone

Middle East » Turkey September 25th 2013

Canakkale, a 6-hour bus ride to the kusadasi reached a very nice and pleasant. Settled in a four star hotel with pool and magnificent sea a hotel by the sea. Our rooms were very large and spacious with a large hotel room. stayed at the hotel during the day, the first day. We entered the pool and soak up the sun plenty of wonderful things pleasant. Then we entered the sea, the sea is very nice and the beach was great plenty. Entered the sea sand sea sun all day spectacular. We ate dinner in the hotel, and here I had an unlimited buffet meals. I had the tomato soup first, and then I ate grilled meat and fisherman, and finally ate strawberry cake and ice cream. pool at night There were tea and coffee by ... read more

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