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Middle East » Turkey November 4th 2015

-SP- No se para que sirven las fronteras si me dejan pasar cada vez. Ya estoy en Turquía, a toda máquina hacia el oeste por la costa del mar negro. Deje el mal tiempo atrás después de un día completo bajo la lluvia y ahora hace sol y la carretera es excelente,así que tirando km como loco. El próximo frente lluvioso el fin de semana, quizás yendo al interior lo consiga evitar. A Estambul son solo 1000km desde donde estoy ahora, 10 días aproximadamente. ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Pamukkale November 4th 2015

We arrived in Denizli, the main city near Pamukkale, a little than expected. Along the way our bus stopped to pick up a guy on the side of the road; it looked like his whole village had come out to say farewell. There was lots of dancing, cheering and throwing him up in the air. Eventually he climbed onto the bus and we continued on our way towards Denizli…with a motorcade of his (drunk) friends driving in front of us very slowly, weaving in and out of each other and blocking entire width of the road so that we couldn’t overtake. After about 15 minutes of that they stopped in front of the bus and the guy got off the bus to dance with them for a while longer before he finally hopped back on and ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas November 3rd 2015

From our hotel in Çirali we caught a dolmus to the bus stop to wait for the bus to Kaş which is about two and a half hours away. After about a 10 minute wait the bus turned up and all the passengers piled off for their cigarette break. We loaded our bags and then hopped into the bus to find a seat. Once everyone had climbed back on it became clear that there was only a single seat left right up the back, sandwiched between four Turkish men. Scott thought it was best he sat between the men so grabbed that seat whilst I settled in to my luxurious spot on a newspaper on the floor, right next to a rubbish bin. After about 25 minutes we reached the next stop and enough passengers hopped ... read more
Our boat
Our boat
First stop on our boat tour

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Izmir November 1st 2015

Tourist visas in Turkey are good for 90 days which would normally seem like a long time unless you rent an apartment in a spot that you love and then those 90 days just whizz on by. By the time we left Canakkale; the Dardanelle wind had taken on a wintry bite and early morning walks required thick jackets and woolen caps. In Turkey, a visitor doesn't just 'move on' when they feel like it. At least not a courteous visitor. Our last week in Canakkale was filled with goodbye dinners and farewell breakfasts and tear-soaked, boat rocking, Grizzly-bear clinches that none of us wanted to be the first to end lest our ardor be questioned. This autumn we supplemented last year's list of Turkish friends with yet another long roster of tongue-twisting names and I'm ... read more
rosie kj mike seashore karaburun
hasan kj cold karaburun
kj mike the king and host

Middle East » Turkey » Black Sea October 30th 2015

A (Turkish) Delight to the Senses…… And so my next great adventure begins with a fairly decent (for me) departure time of 7:30am, with the first of my 3 flights across the globe to Istanbul, Turkey. First stop is Seattle and after a smooth breakfast flight of 2.5 hours I land at SeaTac, and spend my 3-hour layover relaxing in the Delta Sky Lounge, as usual. I find my favorite corner lounge chair – the one I had on my way to Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago – with the view over the concourse and the multiple takeoffs of Delta and Alaska flights headed around the world. Sipping on coffee heavily laced with Bailey’s Irish Cream, I doze until I hear the announcement that my flight to Amsterdam is boarding…..time to once more depart ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya » Çıralı October 30th 2015

Our trip to Çirali got off to a bit of an interesting start. On the way to the bus stop in Antalya our taxi driver asked us which hotel we were staying at in Çirali. After we missed one turn off to the bus station I started to suspect that he thought he was driving us all the way to Çirali which is about an hour and a half from Antalya. When we missed the next turn off we said “bus” and eventually managed to communicate that we only wanted to be driven to the bus station, not to Çirali (if only we spoke Turkish..). After the initial misunderstanding we were dropped off at the bus station. The taxi driver was probably sad he was missing out on an excellent fare (taxis are not cheap in ... read more
Friendly cat we found on the way to Olympos
Entrance to Olympos
Tomb near the entrance to Olympos

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya October 30th 2015

My first two weeks of my new life challenge are over and I already feel like I have been here for months. Being on a cruise ship means being in different places all the time. And working 7 days a week you loose every feeling concerning weekdays or dates. I am only thinking in harbors. If I write my to do list I don't write "Monday this and this" but "Heraklion ...". In the last two weeks I have been to more than 10 different cities and islands. One thing I had to get used to is that in my cabin it is always night. No windows, no daylight. So to find out if I should put on long or short pants I turn on the TV and put on the camera that we have on ... read more
Default, sicilia
Typical Italian sweets
Cathedral cefalu

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya October 27th 2015

We arrived at the Antalya bus station at about 7:30am following a 9 hour overnight bus ride from Göreme. After grabbing our bags we headed to the line of taxis, hopped in one and headed off towards our hotel in Kaleiçi, the old town of Antalya. Kaleiçi (which means ‘inside the castle or fortress’) was a Roman town, then a Byzantine, then a Seljuk Turkish, and finally an Ottoman Turkish town. It is built around a harbour, in the centre of the modern city of Antalya. Our hotel was closed when we arrived, but one of the staff from the hotel’s restaurant was cleaning up after a party the previous night. We grabbed a seat and waited until the hotel staff arrived. Not long after we sat down a very cute and very friendly pregnant cat ... read more
Antalya statue

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia October 25th 2015

Our flight from Şanlıurfa to Istanbul landed on time so given all our other flights haven’t started boarding until the scheduled departure time we figured we had time to grab some dinner before heading to our gate for our second flight to Kayseri in Cappadocia. After finishing our gourmet dinner of McDonalds, we checked the status of our flight which read “Final Call” hmm… About 5 seconds later over the PA system we heard our flight number and the words “final call” so proceeded to run through the airport to our gate (using elbows to clear a path through all the mindless wanderers). We made it to the gate in time, hopped on the bus and the stood there for about 5 minutes before it ferried us over to the plane. The flight to Kayseri was ... read more
Our room
Our room
Breakfast buffet at our hotel

Middle East » Turkey October 24th 2015

The phone rang, it was our morning call. I looked towards the window, it was still black, "what was that" I said to DL, "it was the phone" he replied not like him to try to be funny that early in the morning. I got up straight away and went to get showered and open the curtains to see the beautiful view.... "OMG" I said out loud DL asked what was the matter, "we're moored next to a third class cruise ship" I said "close your eyes". You can decide if I said it or not! :-) We were leaving early as we'd booked a trip to Ephesus for the morning, leaving at 8:30am. The bus left on time with our guide who was called 'princess' in Turkish so we were now going to be called ... read more
The Evil Ephesus Cat!!!

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