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September 23rd 2011
Published: September 23rd 2011
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Ok, so these haven't exactly been the most exciting last two days. In fact they have been pretty boring, and if I had known, I would have changed my plans quite significantly. Probably spent more time down South and tried to hook up with two Berliner girls in Kabak. Oh well that's just how the cookie crumbles.

I spent a day in Selcuk, the town that neighbors Ephesus, the best-preserved Roman town in Anatolia, but my GOD the place is swarming with tourists. The city of Ephesus itself is in really quite good condition and is impressive to see, but it would be nice to be able to move more than 1 foot without bumping into another person. As a result I spent something like an hour at the site since I was not enjoying it all that much.

The prior day I spent walking around Selcuk itself, but the rain came down pretty hard which made wandering around the city rather soggy. I realize that I am not really all that interested in all the ancient stuff. Well a bit, but that's about the end of it. I'd rather go hiking somewhere cool, or go hot air ballooning, or have an experience that I haven't had before.

This morning I headed out for Izmir, the next city on my tour back to Istanbul. I was able to get a ticket for tomorrow for the train from Izmir to Bandirma and a ferry from Bandirma to Istanbul. Should be an interesting day tomorrow.

On the train to Izmir I didn't have a seat since they were significantly overbooked, so I probably should have taken a minibus, but then I would have had to get from the bus station (otogar) to the city center which probably would have cost at least something. Oh well, I guess my infatuation with trains continues.

I'm a bit bored here in Izmir, not a very interesting city. But in the morning I will be off for Istanbul for the last time of this trip. And then goodbye to Turkey. Mixed emotions about my departure.

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