Crossing Borders - Part 6: Georgia to Turkey

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May 19th 2009
Published: May 22nd 2009
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Sarp is a busy border crossing: with the border between Turkey and Armenia closed because of the current political climate, all traffic travelling between the two countries and indeed between Europe and the Caucasus goes through Georgia.

It's a fairly straight forward process, it just involves queuing for a couple of hours. Or rather fending your territory in the mob and try to stop every man and his dog from pushing in before you. As I had already discovered in the Baku train station, queueing culture has not yet arrived on the Caucasus. At the Turkish border post, they have tried to put some kind of order in the process by setting up a turnstile through which everyone has to file before getting to the immigration office. This, however, does not stop people from trying to push in from both sides of the turnstile, perhaps hoping that the basic laws of physics that prohibit a wheel from turning in two directions at the same time might miraculously, momentarily, be lifted, in order to let them through before the others. Unsurprisingly, the result is pushing, pulling, shoving, shouting, with the guards drearily looking on - I don't suppose this is the first time they have seen this..


26th May 2009

Are u traveling to or from Turkey? If you need any assistance let me know! Take care Gozde (from long long time ago frm Luxembourg European School!) :)
26th May 2009

travelling well
Mate- It looks like the 'stans treated you well, have you finished the good chairmans book yet ?

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