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December 30th 2008
Published: December 30th 2008
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I arrived in Turkey exactly one year ago today. Most of these photos were taken in Turkey. This entry is mainly a celebration of the subtle mistakes that we make with one another's languages. I assure you that this is all in good fun. In no way am I aiming to insult anyone here. I make more mistakes than this on a daily basis with my Turkish...

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free to watchfree to watch
free to watch

free to watch him making the shop?
camel ridescamel rides
camel rides

From my experience, "nice" isn't quite the word for it. It's a good effort though...
Oriental BatmanOriental Batman
Oriental Batman

There was nothing very "Batman" about this antique shop (Hama, Syria).
rock on with your phonetic spellingrock on with your phonetic spelling
rock on with your phonetic spelling

in the old town, Damascus, Syria
Catching some Z's...Catching some Z's...
Catching some Z's...

Palmyra, Syria
Flinstones Cave BarFlinstones Cave Bar
Flinstones Cave Bar

I guess using a classic children's cartoon to advertise a bar is not that funny. I think it's the fact that they chose an image of the family driving that made it seem extra warped to me (Göreme, Turkey).
"New Mosque""New Mosque"
"New Mosque"

perhaps it's time for a "new" name?
you're welcome.you're welcome.
you're welcome.

(I did three cartwheels and a backflip on my way out of the mosque...)
tourist information...tourist information...
tourist information...

I think my favorite sentence is "In order to feel the violations, there are two colons at the entrance of the room."

as if it were Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy...
menu 1menu 1
menu 1

The dangers of translating literally from a dictionary. "Acısız" means "not hot and spicy," but I think I like their version better. And "Chenking" is a lovely spelling mistake...
menu 2menu 2
menu 2

Mmmmm, the Paunch Soup sounds delicious...
on the occasion of Kosovo's independenceon the occasion of Kosovo's independence
on the occasion of Kosovo's independence

Actually, I stole this one from the internet. "YU" of course refers to Yugoslavia. Congratulations and good luck to you, Kosovo!

30th December 2008

Oohh, signs and translations are so much fun! Love it! Hope you are doing well!!
30th December 2008

I could not even make this stuff up! It belongs in our ESL mistake book, "Germs of Eloquence." Save these!! These are definite "germs" for keeping!
31st December 2008


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