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September 15th 2018
Published: September 15th 2018
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It is that time of year again: summer or holidays. Is traveling abroad is your option this year? Somewhere filled with an adventure, where you and your loved ones can experience new things, take in the exotic culture and go back home at the end of your vacation feeling refreshed and relaxed. Take the sights and amazing experiences of Turkey. This is fast becoming a tourist destination and hotspot, providing visitors with new and exciting holiday experiences. This article offers a short five-day itinerary of things to do and which shouldn’t be missed. If you are planning a holiday to Turkey, our Itinerary is based on travel in Istanbul.

Using an itinerary for travel to foreign places will ensure that you don’t miss sights and experiences. It is true that time seems to fly by when on your holiday, and if just in case you stay in this place is limited, consider using this basic itinerary to make sure your Turkey visit is filled with the top highlights of Turkey travel.

1st Day: Visit the Grand Bazaar and the Turkish bath. After shopping for gifts and souvenirs and taking the fantastic sights of Istanbul, why not consider a refreshing and relaxing Turkish bath. Get rid of travel stress and refresh your body by spending a small amount of time at a Turkish bath.

2nd Day: Witness the performance of the Whirling Dervishes. A visual delight and amusement, this performance is astounding and mesmerizing, as the movements mirror the geometric patterns of an oriental carpet.

3rd Day: Experience the local culinary treats, taste the sweet and refreshing Turkish tea and entertain yourself in a belly dancing show.

4th Day: Witness the amazing city from a yacht; take a journey on the fantastic Bosporus. Enjoy the fantastic sights of Istanbul's palaces as well as villas.

5th Day: Go shopping for fashionable and stylish Turkish carpet. Don’t forget to stop over at the Grand Bazaar, or discover the city to find your dream magic carpet.

Prior to heading to the airport, take a short time to get good deals on flights and do a few pieces of research on places to stay. Always keep in mind that the accommodation is supposed to reflect the kind of holiday you want. There are a lot of different places to in Turkey stay, from comfy and deluxe hotels to ethnically comfortable accommodations. Looking for centrally located accommodation is also highly recommended, where amazing attractions are easily accessible as well as easy to locate and most of all take less time to reach and go to.

Follow this basic five-day itinerary to Turkey travel, and don’t forget to include more of your own activities. Modify the guideline to suit your preferences as well as time schedules. Experience the best of Turkey, take account of the top things to do in Turkey, take in the history, culture as well as the sights of this historic nation.

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