Safe After 7.2 earthquake in Eastern Turkey

Published: October 23rd 2011
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Hello everybody:
We are writing from Nemrut in Eastern Turkey where we just heard that there was a 7.2 earthquake, centered near Van, which is fairly close by. We just wanted you to know that we didn't feel the quake and we are fine.
We will send you another entry about this trip in the next few weeks.
Bill and Carol


23rd October 2011

Glad you're ok!
I head about the quake this morning - apparently there is quite a bit of damage. I wasn't sure exactly where you were travelling in the east but was worried! Thanks for the update! big hug, Catherine
23rd October 2011

Phew! Glad you are okay
Thanks for posting about the earthquake quickly. Those of us in the U.S. weren't so sure how close you were to Van. Happy to hear you are safe and sound! Love, Kate
23rd October 2011

Thank goodness!
Carol and Bill, I've been worried about you even before I saw news of the earthquake, since I knew you were going to the Kurdish area of Turkey, and have read about recent violence in that area. My goodness--you certainly seem to have dodged all sorts of bullets, real and metaphorical. All the best, Judi
23rd October 2011

thanks for letting us know you're OK. Best wishes, Jim (& Michael)
26th October 2011

Thank goodness
When I first heard the news, I thought you weren't in that area. What a relief that you weren't effected. Such sadness for the families impacted by such tragedy. I'll be looking for your next entry. Love, Laurel

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