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Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas March 19th 2006

We all reluctantly decided to leave Olympos to move two hours down the coast to a small town called Kas. We got on a minibus which turned out to be something which could rival Joburg taxis. The driver overtook on blind corners, drove in the oncomming traffic lane and went round corners so fast everyone had to hold on to the seats! After about three hours of insane driving and a thousand stops we finally got to Kas. The village is really pretty and sits on steep cliffs above a harbour. The owner of the hostel met us at the bus station. It turned out he had lived in Joburg for a few months and had travelled all over South Africa. No-one else was in the hostel and he gave us free use of the bar ... read more
BBQ Aussie Style

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos March 16th 2006

After a recommendation from Andrea we went to Olympos to stay in tree houses! The hostel was very empty and the staff were bored and gave us a really good deal and some free beer. The tree houses were in the valley where the ruins of the town of ancient Olympos are. To get to the beach you have to walk through the ruins and along the river. Off to each side of the path and ruins of temples and houses overgrown by trees and bush - it is like something out of Indiana Jones! The beach itself is a massive sweeping pebble beach from which you can catch yachts to Fethiye. These only run in the summer and would be pretty crap since they stop at lots of beaches for swimming. We walked back to ... read more
Ruins of Olympos
Ruins of Olympos
Ruins of Olympos

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya March 13th 2006

The nasty flu that we all got turned out to be pretty bad. Mel got some random antibiotics from a pharmacy and I got some decongestants. After a day neither of us were much better and Mel's cough got so bad she went to have a chest x-ray done at the hospital. The doctor said she had bronchitus and that the random antibiotics were completely wrong. Armed with new antibiotics Mel started to feel better after a day. After two days rest I felt better and stopped taking the random antibiotics! Antalya itself is really nice! I randomly bumped into Jim the American from Istanbul on the way to the hostel. He was staying at the same place. We met up with Ash again as well as a random Kiwi girl called Andrea. The other people ... read more
Antalya Museum
Hadrians Gate

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos October 26th 2005

Ok Ok So the last time I spoke to you all we were living on a boat in the mediteranean. Not bad, eh? We ended up taking a cruise along the Turqoise coast of Turkey for three days. We were accompanied by our crew, Camil (the cook) and Ilyas (our captain) and a great group of , Ausies, Americans and one german chick. Four 4 days and three nights all we did was cruise around in the boat, eat amazing meals and swim in little secluded bays along the coast. At night we would throw on some jams and rock out. This boat trip was amazing because we didn't have to think at all. Our food accomodations and trasportation were all taken care of. Simply beautiful. After the boat cruise Lloyd and I and ome of ... read more
Sunrise from Boat

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya September 24th 2005

My teaching career took me as far afield as central Japan, but back in the mid-1990's, the very first piece of the teaching career jigsaw came in the shape of a very short-term teaching post in Izmir in Turkey. I was intrigued by the mysticism surrounding Turkey back then, and I vowed to return, so in late September 1995, a trip to Antalya seemed like a fitting way to pay a '10 years on' return visit, and see another area of a country which I really had not seen enough of first time around. Antalya is a sizeable place for sure, a sprawling city which seemed to be in a fairly constant state of outgrowth, from modern out-of-town shopping malls to densely-packed commercial areas in the city centre. The hotel Adonis was located about 40 or ... read more
Bay View

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos August 28th 2005

After a hour long minibus trip along a winding road along the sea cliffs we arrived at Olympos. This place has a sort of "Carry on Camping" feel to it, loads of similar places all competing with each other for backpacker bucks. I decided to follow the majority of the yacht members to the Kadir's tree houses. These are the ones that started it all around here, so I guess they must know what they are doing. Once we walked in, we noticed a few faces from a few hours ago in the Smugglers inn who were already checked in, so that was nice. Our host was a Australian guy called Mike. He told us what happens here and showed us the various activities we can get up to whilst on our stay. There is plenty ... read more
BullBar In Action
Hammani Rooftop View
Hammani Rooftop

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos June 22nd 2005

Geo: 36.3525, 29.7722After staying a few nights in a treehouse on Olympos I signed up for a 3 day yacht cruise in order to fully appreciate the beautiful coast. It was simply wonderful. The views were stunning and the crew fantastic. Everyone got on really well and had a wonderful time. I still look back to sitting completely relaxed on our boat as it gently cruised along the emerald blue sea whenever I get a bit too stressed!... read more
My Treehouse

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Egirdir June 1st 2005

In the late afternoon before we reached ergirdir we stopped off at beysehir for some special maras ice cream made of orchid sap and goats milk. And we also visited a very old and small mosque. From ergirdir the next morning we drove towards kas stopping along the way at chimeara and olympos.... read more
Beysehir to Ergirdir
Mosque in beysehir
Mosque in beysehir

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