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May 23rd 2019
Published: May 3rd 2019
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I can only think of one word, a chemical element, P, number 15, Phosphorus, never found as a free element on earth. But Bosporus, the strategic waterway, is the strait between the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara. With the Dardanelles, it separates Europe form Asia. Or should I say, it connects Asia and Europe? It is only 19 miles long, and from 2.3 miles wide at the west, and only 2450 feet at its narrowest.

The current here flows from north to south, but with a strong subsurface undercurrent, making navigation difficult for beginners. The strait is busy with oil tankers, and commercial ships (over 48,000 annually), along with local fishing and sightseeing boats. One hundred and forty ships take the 90 minute voyage daily. In addition, the Bosphorus has two tunnels that run underneath: Marmaray which runs the subway system, and the Eurasia tunnel, a double decker for cars and minibuses only.

The Bosporus is one of the most beautiful stretches of scenery in Turkey, with the best way to see it by boat. On the surrounding shores that rise upwards of 200 feet, Ottoman wooden houses, fortresses, palaces, ruins, villages, and gardens can be seen. Also, some of the best hotels and restaurants line the straits as well.

Back in high school, I remember a geography quiz in World History. The Bosporus was always one of the questions. Little did I know I would one day see it for myself. And Istanbul is the only city in the world that crosses two continents. But you knew that?

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