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May 11th 2008
Published: May 11th 2008
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I am on a mission from God. Well not really, God is out playing golf. So I guess I am on a mission from me. Busy scouting locations for the "Prophet" movie to be shot in Turkey, Syria, and Iran.

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Day One ParisDay One Paris
Day One Paris

Tea at a Cafe on the Champs De Eleysse.
My MotorcycleMy Motorcycle
My Motorcycle

It was a tough journey on motor bike but I finally made it.
Clean ShaveClean Shave
Clean Shave

I really needed a clean shave but I couldn't see my beard go. So I hired this guy to have one for me. Phew.. Felt good.

View from my hotel room. I arrived in a desperate state. I was absolutely exhausted but this view and the mountain air somehow revitalized me.
Rural BusinessRural Business
Rural Business

Not sure what this guy was doing but there was a lot of commotion about it.
Welcome To The Gap Mespotamia BranchWelcome To The Gap Mespotamia Branch
Welcome To The Gap Mespotamia Branch

Not quite sure if he sells them or fixes them but how cool is this guy.
Family HeirloomFamily Heirloom
Family Heirloom

This cotton has been passed down for generations. It is fluffy and soft.
A crack between worldsA crack between worlds
A crack between worlds

Check out this strange ancient ruin being used as a place to burn garbage. Very strange.
Happy Bread GuyHappy Bread Guy
Happy Bread Guy

This was one of the happiest guys I met the entire trip. Every time I would go by he would start singing. For about 25 cents he made me the freshest hot barbari bread in town! Sooooooooooo good!!!
Quick Getaway!Quick Getaway!
Quick Getaway!

Making my escape!
The HomiesThe Homies
The Homies

Just chillin out selling antiques and universal remote controls. No really!
Major Tea Action At the local Tea houseMajor Tea Action At the local Tea house
Major Tea Action At the local Tea house

This place was absolutely amazing. It had the feel of a small town pub only cooler. These guys hang out here all day and talk politics, life and anything else that comes up. I ordered a cup of tea (.05 cents). Felt like an alien. They all stopped and stared for 20 minutes straight. In the end they were so kind and gracious to me even though I was totally in their space. People can be kind to aliens sometimes. Watch out, I hear Starbucks is making a bid on this place.
Me not getting arrestedMe not getting arrested
Me not getting arrested

Me not getting arrested

A wonderful biblical pond filled with the biggest and best fed fish you will ever see.

16th May 2008

Great photos and witty comments, Shaahin, thank you for sharing! You the only guy I know who can have so much fun traveling alone :) Happy Birthday, dude! (yours in April too???)
16th May 2008

looks like u r having a rough time ;)
glad to see someone is having fun !!!

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