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August 17th 2013
Published: August 17th 2013
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Dinner Time.Dinner Time.Dinner Time.

Getting together for a meal. Robert, Sam, Bruce, Viv, Martin and I enjoy a meal beside the sea.
Hi, Today we sailed up to the Gocek area and have anchored in a bay with a restaurant. There is no wind and the swimming is beautiful. Viv has now left the boat and so for the next couple of weeks it is just the 5 guys. The boat will become messy and we will have a lot of laughs and we intend to explore places when we have time. So the last couple of days. Very very lazy day when we were waiting for Robert Bruce and Sam to arrive. The next day we set out to get a bus to a gorge in a place called Saklikent. This gorge, we were told by lots of people was very spectacular so off we went. Having decided to do it on the cheap by using a bus we were whisked around all over the place and finally decided we may not get there for a few hours. We then decided to go back to square one and do it properly. It still took an hour to get there riding with locals who had all their produce with them, getting on and off and the driver picking things up and dropping them
Vege Market. Vege Market. Vege Market.

This is a huge market with every thing that comes in the shape of a vegetable or fruit.
of. But it was a great ride because of these things. We did a lot of laughing on the way there. On arrival you realize the there are all the tourists in the area there. But we took off into the gorge which has freezing cold water coming out of the cliff faces. You have to wade across this to enter the top gorge and then go on for 2.3ks. It was fantastic, the cliffs towering above us, and the rocks and formation of them, stunning. As you got deeper and deeper into the gorge it got very narrow and harder and harder to climb through. A lot of people stopped when they discovered that they had to wade chest high though some areas. There came a stage were the intrepid 3 NZrs had to help people to climb from pool to pool but people really appreciated the help. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs and everyone was enjoying them selves. When you reach the end there is a small water fall, so you head back down and the fun starts all over again. Very slippery marble rocks so once again every one helping each

A place to have lunch by the start of the gorge
other. Sam proved to be an expert in this and once we got it sorted we could lift 10 to 16 people through an area with out anyone going under. Very close a number of times. So, well worth the visit, quite magic in the gorge, and meeting a lot of people. Hope all is well with every one after the latest shakes. Pip/Rod

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Starting out. Starting out.
Starting out.

The easy part. Bruce and Sam heading into the gorge.
Very cold water.Very cold water.
Very cold water.

People wading across the river to get to the top gorge.
To the top gorge. To the top gorge.
To the top gorge.

Bruce sets out.
A helping hand???A helping hand???
A helping hand???

They thought I may fall in and drown my hearing aids.
Fantastic placeFantastic place
Fantastic place

Bruce takes it all in.
Sam shoots Bruce, Bruce shoots SamSam shoots Bruce, Bruce shoots Sam
Sam shoots Bruce, Bruce shoots Sam

A camera fight in the gorge
Now push.  Now push.
Now push.

Sam lends a helping hand.
Go no further.  Go no further.
Go no further.

This was as far as you could go

Beer and a light lunch. Well deserved for all the help given freely to all the people who really appreciated it.
At AnchorAt Anchor
At Anchor

Therapy looking superb.
Viv goes home.Viv goes home.
Viv goes home.

At Dalaman airport to see Viv off.

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