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Kas and Kastellorizon. Kas is an OK town with a harbour and a brand new marina. The marina have had a few offers on the summer to attract business, the best of which is pay for one night and stay for 7! So we did. So we relaxed by the pool, cycled into town and generally hung out. Local paragliders launch from the nearby hills and land by the harbour, or as we realised one day, right into the marina. Our Turkish visa lasts 90 days so to renew it we had to leave the country and then return. We managed this with just 2 days to spare by taking the ferry to the Greek island of Kastellorizon just 4 miles of the Turkish coast. We went there last year and it is a tiny Greek ... read more
Swimming turtle, Cavus Limani
Kate at the baths, Phaselis
A fish's eyeview of Freedom - Yesilkoy bay near Kalkan

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