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May 17th 2012
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Laid to restLaid to restLaid to rest

...until we dig them up, shine them up and charge an entry fee...
So I went to the museum today. It was stunning! There were so many mosaics, busts, sarcophagi and coins. Many of them were from the 2nd and 3rd century. I'll let you do the math quickly.... Ah - but there was more. Satyrs and Goddesses, Oceanus, and even Hercules. It just made my little historian heart go Thump Thump! I am planning on sending a few of the photos to one of professors for translations. (as none in these cases had been provided) You could touch the art too which was nice. It was strange to run my hands over something so old, so cherished - and in some cases so religious. I stopped at the gift shop on the way out and picked up a few things. It was fairly cheap. It was a beautiful day afterall.

The rest of the evening I will spend with my nose in a book. Boring right? But sometimes a girl just needs to stretch out on cool sheets and listen to the birds outside her window in peace. (Oh yea - I bought some cookies too)

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