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August 4th 2014
Published: August 4th 2014
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Well here we are sat in Istanbul airport drinking Turkish coffee and having wandered aimlessly around duty free for a while we have attempted to get into the Turkish Airlines lounge but was turned away due to being in the cheap seats.....ah well you gotta try these things! (Julie even with our posh new rucksacs we couldnt pull that one off) GO LIMP.............

First flight was fine and bizzarely enough I'm feeling ok about the big one next......for anyone that's been in a cave for the last couple of weeks I've had a bit (or a lot) of a meltdown about this flight. Stupid I know but it's an irrational fear that got out of control, anyway I'm feeling the fear and doing it anyway and have stuck two fingers up to it, with the help of my friend "Pam" that's diazepam to those who dont know..........Pam goes well with gin and tonic too......

Adam had the biggest meltdown on the flight when he had chosen the beef from the menu, only to be served with a veggie dish.....seems my veggie choices have been given to Adam also......to say he sulked would have been an understatement after he had his own "beef" with the poor air hostess.......

Anyway peace out for now y'all KL calls xx


4th August 2014

Pam and "no beef" !
Good old Pam not to mention the G & T, but poor old Adam! On your itinery it shows that Adam has ordered a veggie meal also so maybe he'll be veggie on all the flights. Lovely to get the first blog. Look forward to the rest. Love to you both, Moom xxx
4th August 2014

Go Mel!
Big congratulations for getting on that flight Mel. Now forget about it and enjoy that holiday 😄 xxx

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