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September 13th 2010
Published: September 13th 2010
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"She said 'yes' and we're going to get married on the ferry..."

(a few months back)

"Congratulations Steev! Did you say 'on the ferry'?"

"Yes, on the Kadıköy-Beşiktaş ferry."

"Do they allow that?"

Steev smiled down at me and I knew the answer before the words could even come out of his mouth:

1. No, of course they don't.

2. For Steev and Neşe, of course they would.

And the rest is history.

So, a large and excited group of friends and family boarded the 13:45 ferry in Kadıköy, along with a perplexed crowd of local citizens making their way across the Bosphorus. We had the flower-filled top floor of the boat, which was thumping to a PA full of Turkish and English gettin'-down music.

The rest of the guests got on board in Beşiktaş, at 14:15, and the main event began as soon as we left the port. The bilingual (meaning almost completely Turkish) ceremony was lively, brief, and filled with some funny moments. We'll blame the early kiss on the language barrier, rather than on any naughtiness on the part of the happy couple... but I think most of us know the real story.

We stayed on for one extra lap to the European side, just to highlight the symbolism of a Brit and a Turk tying the knot between (literally) their home continents. Then, we went off to the joyful reception, where, if I'm not mistaken, we drank a glass or two of wine...

Thank you, Neşe and Steev, for a memorable wedding, a fun party, and a lovely way to henceforth remember the 11th of September. Hayırlı olsun!!! Sizi çok seviyoruz!!!

Additional photos below
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This was our arrival in Beşiktaş after the first crossing. A news crew and a confused port full of commuters were waiting below.

13th September 2010

A big thank you
Hi Jimbo Wonderful mate, just wonderful. Thank you so much for that little write up. We (both) had a fantastic day and it was made all the better having such great friends around us. Only one question; when can I have copies of these photos? Soon, I hope... :) Steev
13th September 2010

Steev - photos
Yes, soon, we'll bring the photos. We also still have to bring you your wedding present, which we left on the kitchen table during the big day, out of fear that I would inevitably smash it. As of right now, it remains unsmashed. Hopefully it will stay that way until we can deliver it. See you soon.
15th September 2010

Thank you!
Thank you so much Jim. It was an amazing day for us with all our friends. They are amazing photos. Thanks again :))

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