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November 9th 2009
Published: November 9th 2009
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So, when I started this entry it had been cold and wet and miserable for the better part of a week. Then, I woke up one morning and realized that the inevitable settling in of winter had been replaced, however temporarily, by late-summer-like conditions. Making the most of the sunshine, by walking extensively and frequently around my neighborhood and the neighboring neighborhoods, took priority over continuing with this entry. In fact I never did come up with much to write about, so here's a whole paragraph of fluff about the weather. Wishing you all well from this corner of İstanbul.

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9th November 2009

tekrar senin yazılarını görmek gözeldir özellikle sizin eve doğru geden caddeyi görmek
10th November 2009

çok teşekkür ederim! evet, Bahariye'nin sokakları kesinlikle çok güzeldir. nasılsınız?
11th November 2009

See, it's not all bad! Whiner butt.
18th November 2009

Heya, this makes me miss turkey, that walking home photo. Life back home is pretty absurd. Good news is that it looks like I will finish this thesis within a few months. All the best!
18th November 2009

best of luck
I hope the thesis is going well. Turkey is ready for your return.
18th November 2009

Maşa, I don't think you'll ever be able to convince me that I like winter...

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