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August 9th 2009
Published: August 9th 2009
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Bugün benim otuzuncu doğum günüm!
Dün akşam teknede kutlamayı başladık. Canlı müziği, güzel yemeği, ve iyi arkadaşlar harika bir akşamı yaptılar.

Bugün çok şımarıyorum. Bu sabah Van Ahtamar'da güzel bir kahvaltı yaptık. Sonra Brian'le hamama gittim. İlk hamama gittiğimi çok beğendim. Hala çok rahat ve tertemiz kendime hissediyorum.

"Otuz" is Turkish for "thirty."

"O tuz" is Turkish for "That is salt." Hahahahahahahahahaha.

It's been a great birthday. Thanks to good luck with scheduling, we ended up on a Bosphorus boat tour last night, that ended right after my birthday started. Great food, great drink, unbelievable views and dancing made for an incredible evening.

Today, Brian and I went to a hamam (Turkish bath) and got scrubbed cleaner than I thought was possible. The hamam we went to was both a beautiful work of Mimar Sinan (the finest architect of the Ottoman Empire), and far enough away from touristy parts of town that it felt very local and was reasonably priced. It's rumored that Prime Minister Erdoğan
Biz hazırız!  Gidelim!Biz hazırız!  Gidelim!Biz hazırız! Gidelim!

We're ready. Let's go!
occasionally goes to this hamam.

Anyway, it was a fine experience:

A sauna hot enough to bake food in.
An exfoliating scrub.
A super-soapy massage on a hot stone floor.
Some amateur chiropractic work.
The agonizing pain was followed by utter bliss.

That's enough blogging for now. I have to go enjoy the best years of my life...

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I think Burak had a really good time last night. I think this was still the first drink...

How many castles does one city really need? Ä°stanbul, you're just showing off now...

9th August 2009

O tuz in Russian means 'Oh Ace!' (as in cards)
10th August 2009

Happy Birthday!
Happy 30th Birthday, Jim!!! It is nice to know that you are beginning the fourth decade of your life "scrubbed clean from head to toe". Enjoy! Love, Mom
23rd January 2016
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