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October 31st 2007
Published: October 31st 2007
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The view from the bridgeThe view from the bridgeThe view from the bridge

The bridge that joins Asia and Europe. Talk about a cool thing to do walk from Europe to Asia.
The party is over, the show went off as it should of and all was well, so you have to be happy with that! naturally there were some observations that I'll share with you about it.

1. Turkish time, if tradesman back home worked to Turkish time you would get your house built for around $1 000 if they charged by their version of an hour. How come you ask, well when they say that something will arrive in an hour they really mean sometime between one hour and the end of the day, usually the later.

2. There is a valid reason for tug boats having tyres all the way around them. This is because they are the water equivalent to dodgem cars. Having now been on a barge in a few states back home as it has been "guided" by tugs I can now say that everyone has nothing on the crews over here. My trip out to the position where I was to decorate the sky was entertaining to say the least. Luckily there was only two bridges on the way is all I can say. Who would have thought in the process of going under
Taksim Square PosterTaksim Square PosterTaksim Square Poster

The poster advertising the fireworks show in Taksim Square
a bridge both tugs could hit it and just in case I was feeling left out the barge would as well!!!! Although at least on my barge there was no brawls between the tug crews!

3. Tram tracks are for buses as well, while we have been here we have had the luxury of having a bus transport us around from the hotel to the site. Tonight we were running a little late so why get stuck in traffic when you can drive along the tram tracks. If the police stop you don't worry they will wave you on after you explain your situation. Bizarro cruising down a tram track in a coach!!

But apart from that it was all happiness, so much so that this evening we were treated to a cruise on the Bosphorous to say thank you for a job well done. There was about 50 of us on a ship that would give the Queen Mary a run for it's money in the size department. Sensational food and a dodgy red makes for a happy evening, just steer clear of the raki is the only tip that I can offer. Why is it that
The BridgeThe BridgeThe Bridge

The bridge that links Europe with Asia, with a pretty cool coloured light show as well.
every country in Europe has there own version of a spirit that was formerly quietly distilled in someones backyard and is now a commercial success sold by the bucket load as an alternative fuel source. No problems over here when fossil fuels run out that's for sure. Although the lead up to the night of frivolity did manage to have it's shortcoming. The ugly part of this glamourous game is the pack up, where all the racks are put back on the truck and sent off to storage. The plan was for five trucks to arrive in the morning (see point 1 above). How good was it that we were all set and ready to do the hard yards to get the job done and within 20 metres of where we were the truck decides to sideswipe a car. So there we were looking at the truck at the end of the driveway waiting for the Police to come. After seeing about 40 000 police patrolling the streets one would have expected the police to arrive in seconds. Ok refer to point 1 again they arrived after about two hours. Oh and did I mention that I have now discovered about ten new muscle groups that were previouslly uncharted in the human body after a week of lugging around stuff that makes pretty patterns in the sky. Next stop Berlin for a fleeting couple of days before the joy of Prague.

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Eight Barges and one bridgeEight Barges and one bridge
Eight Barges and one bridge

This was a big event considering New Years Eve at home has four barges.
Hitting the bridge three timesHitting the bridge three times
Hitting the bridge three times

Just cruising through the gap in the bridge
It went bang nicelyIt went bang nicely
It went bang nicely

Unfortunately I only got to take one photo but it looked sensational. One of those you had to be there moments
The  Queen MaryThe  Queen Mary
The Queen Mary

Just another night on the Bosphorous.
Just like a wedding Just like a wedding
Just like a wedding

OK so there was no Bride or Groom but the food was all good
On safariOn safari
On safari

We finished work so bring on the Grand Bizarre. Exactly how many people can you carry in one of these buses

6th November 2007

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