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July 9th 2007
Published: October 22nd 2017
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Kate: Today we went to the Grand Bazaar. There is an indoor and an outdoor part of it. What I noticed was that there are a ton of gold objects, mostly gold jewelry in most of the stores in the inddor bazaar. When we ventured outside, Mom and I checked out a spirograph stand. A spirograph is a series of plastic disks that can be used to create drawings. We weren't able to get one at the stand at the time, but later we got one for 3YTL. For the whole day I noticed that there were an insane amount of stray cats and kittens roaming the streets of Istanbul. I wanted to pat and feed each and every one of them because they were so scrawny, but I couldn't pet them because of the rabies problem. I didn't have any food at hand, so I couldn't feed them either.

After we went to the Grand Bazaar, we went to the Byzantine Cistern. There were two carvings of Medusa at the bottoms of columns. For some reason, one was upside down and the other was sideways, which was kind of confusing. There were a gaggle of Japanese tourists snapping pictures of them. We went to dinner at a place called Kir Evi. There were two kitties who kept coming at us and staring into our eyes saying, "Feed us, we're so hungry!" Mom and Dad wouldn't let me give them some of my dinner until they finally gave in and let me give them some of our kitten. One kitten was black and white and I named him/her Oreo. The other was a mixed-breed kitty with hairy and pointy ears. I named him Soreneth after a special bell in one of the books that I am reading. It was another great day in Istabul.

Josh: This morning, as Kate has said, we went to the Grand Bazaar, it was pretty bizarre. My shirt that I had was kind of old and tight. We looked around and sooner or later we got a new one. I'll talk more about that later. We walked around and Kate put a thing around her face and she looked like an Indian smuggler. We looked at some books and a lot of other odd trinkets like pointed shoes, snake charmer flutes and nanzar bonjuks. Sooner or later, we got my shirt. It had a big Nanzar Bonjuk on it with part of the bottom cracked off and it said "Istanbul." The part that cracked off looks like the Istanbul skyline.

We went to the Cistern Chapel (that's a joke). Imagine Harry Potter's Chamber of Secrets except with a place that you can eat in the bottom right corner and little paths above water with columns coming out. Carps were in the water too and lots of lira. Since the cistern was made by the Romans we said, "Carpe feed 'um!" There were two columns. At their bases were Medusa's head upside down and sideways.

We went to the Hippodrome which turned out to be a big cobblestone street and not a drowning hippo. A drowning hippo would have been more exciting than that and they'd be fun to swim with. We met a family from Pennsylvania. After we talked to them for a while, they recommended a restaurant to us and we went there for dinner. Me and Alex got spaghetti and Kate got a salad that she didn't really eat. Throughout the meal cats were bothering us looking at us with big saucer eyes, silently begging for us to give them food. Of course, Kate was hypnotized and taken over and was immediately controlled by the cats. She suddenly had a great urge to feed them. When the meal was done, we got ice cream, bought some baklava and Turkish delights and went back to the hotel very content. The Turkish Delights were simply delightful.


10th July 2007

Kate & Josh Do Istanbul Hilarious! Who are these guys?

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