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September 12th 2014
Published: September 12th 2014
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Ayran - Lassi by any other nameAyran - Lassi by any other nameAyran - Lassi by any other name

Just about every meal is accompanied by this yoghurt drink in Turkey. Slightly salty unlike the sweet lassi (but one can of course get salt lassi in India)

September 11th 2014

The more things change, the more they remain the same”

Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

I have just spent 3 months in Turkey and I am on my way back to India, a country that seems to have me returning to again and again. It was my first time in Turkey however, and being so full of India, I could not seem to avoid the tendency to see things that reminded me of India.

This so-called 'blog' is really a short pictorial essay and is intended for those who have travelled in India and who therefore will appreciate the similarities found between certain sights and practices I found in Turkey. There is no serious thesis involved here, just an attempt to share the smile on my face as I came across these things whilst travelling around Turkey.

I hope for those who get it, they also smile.

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Less than inviting public toiletLess than inviting public toilet
Less than inviting public toilet

Note: generally toilets in Turkey are great... albeit that often you must pay 1 lira for the privilege.... but worth it for cleanliness and things working.
Making a living out of simplicityMaking a living out of simplicity
Making a living out of simplicity

This guy in Sivas had a street stall and his sole businsess is fixing cigarette lighters.... with a smile
Men sitting around doing not muchMen sitting around doing not much
Men sitting around doing not much

This is in Sunliurfa (yes I know... I have used this shot twice already in blogs). Usually the guys would have cays (tea) which makes the 'same same' even more a point... but this was during ramadan. Did not stop them gathering at the cay evi to do nothing.
Polluted waterwayPolluted waterway
Polluted waterway

On the outskirts of Kars in the poorer district. A sad comment ..... this waterway ran straight through the residential area. Turkey still has many clean rivers and lakes.... they need to keep it that way.
The 'overload'The 'overload'
The 'overload'

Say no more
The secret medicineThe secret medicine
The secret medicine

This guy in Amasya was squirting some potion on people for a fee with who knows what healing or toning quality. Very serious business.
The special occasion carThe special occasion car
The special occasion car

Not of course anything different from most countries but still made me smile
The special occasion horseThe special occasion horse
The special occasion horse

While not a wedding (some Islamic passing of age thing for young boys?), the use of the horse through the streets was enough for this pic to get up here
Using what is availableUsing what is available
Using what is available

Scaffolding. Bamboo is more the go in India
Women beating the shit out of washingWomen beating the shit out of washing
Women beating the shit out of washing

Excuse the french..... but those who have given their washing to a dhobi will know.... and remember the shock when they later see what the treatment to their fine clothing is. This is in Hassenkyf on the Tigris River

13th September 2014
Ayran - Lassi by any other name

Looks tasty
13th September 2014

A weenie bit of a celebration
So many of these things seem common to many developing countries and is part of what makes them interesting. The boy in the fancy white outfit on the horse is indeed going to his coming of age celebration--his circumcision and celebration. Probably won't be riding the horse on the way back.

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