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May 12th 2012
Published: March 31st 2014
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Today was another long day on the bus, 7 hours driving in total. Thankfully there are only 14 of us on a 44 seat bus, so everywhere has plenty of space to stretch out. We started off with a 3 hour drive out of Kuşadasi to Pergamon, an ancient Roman hospital complex. It is still an eerie feeling to be standing and walking on stones that were in common use over 2000 years ago. There were columns galore, another old theatre, and part of the hospital building wad still standing. Another lunch at another local restaurant. After lunch, we had a 4 hour drive to Troy in the Çanakkale region.

Troy was first settled in 3000BC, and there has been 6 different cities on the same site. It was the 6th Troy that the Greeks attacked and that is where the Trojan Horse myth came from. It took the Greeks 9 years to finally breach the city walls. This site was pretty poor quality, the walkways were broken and staircases were often missing steps. It was overgrown and just not well maintained. This didn't detract from the site much though, and it was a great feeling to touch a stone wall that was 5000 years old.

Tomorrow is likely to be emotional, we are going to Gallipoli to see the memorials and graveyards from World War 1.

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