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August 8th 2008
Published: August 8th 2008
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As Orit (my girlfriend) isn't a cyclist, this isn't a bike trip. However, of course I do my best to keep on good shape also along this hike-and-bus tour - which leads sometimes to rediculous situations.
When we climbed to beautiful Sumela Monestary, near Trabzon, I TAFARTI - ıe ran up and down in front of Orit (who walked in a regular pace). The other tourists (most of them intern, Turkeysh, tourists, BTW), where very ammused, and asked me wether I'm a sportman. 'Merely as a hobby', I answered.
On the day after we hiked to a Tea Garden, on a steep hill in Rize - and I TAFARTI again. Well, now, as it was within a town, all the locals where watching at me amazed from the balconies. Orit claimed that I run just like a duck - which makes sense, as I wore sandals, which dictate a bit strange way of running.

Well, ıt turns out that my intervals trainings did really good, as indeed on the 2 days after I had my legs very strongly TFUSOT - and thus, looked lıke a duck even upon merely walking downhills.


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