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Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Dogubeyazit September 18th 2016

MAKU to DOGUBAZIT, TURKEY. 16 September, 2016 23 Kms SubT. Kms 2813.37 kms . Road Condition: ok Weather: MILD 27c cloudy. Time in Saddle: 55 mins Av Speed: av. 24.8 kph. Av Cadence. 71 RpmElevation: 150 m up; 0 m downCalories burned : > 1000 Today at breakfast we were told that the town we were to cycle to overnight had a terrorist issue with the PPK, the Kurdish Revolutionary Army, killing 7 policeman. Mid morning the Turkish Airforce retaliated bombing the village of the terrorists 15 kms from town. So the cycling after Iran was curtailed. Hence the short distance. We are hoteling rather than camping And tomorrow we will be bused to Kars, our next official rest day, one day early. We are restricted to the hotel building here in Dogubazit, which is 6 ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Dogubeyazit October 4th 2015

The first thing you see when entering Turkey from Iran is a duty free shop stocked with whisky, vodka, gin etc. This is a bit surprising as much of eastern Turkey seems to be as dry as Iran. Not one of the restaurants we've been in has served any alcohol, and no supermarkets or convenience store type shops sell any, not even beer. We knew we were travelling again as soon as we got out of the immigration gates. Having found the dolmuş (mini bus) we then had to wait for it to fill up with passengers before the driver would leave. It must have been a slow afternoon as he struggled to find enough people, so after about 30 minutes he made an offer – if everybody paid one more lira each he'd leave, we ... read more
Ishak Pasha Palace
Ishak Pasha Palace
Ishak Pasha Palace

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Dogubeyazit September 10th 2012

It may seem a tad unseemly to update agaın so soon after yesterdays' extravaganza of an entry but sınce I've fınally arrıved at the base or Ararat, ın the town delıghtfully monıca'd Dogubeyazıt. I havn' the vaguest ıdea how to pronounce ıt.It almost certaınly ısn't how ıt's spelt. It's at 1600m and has a populatıon accordıng to ıts notıceboard of 73000. So bıggısh and seemıngly mostly kıds wantıng 'money money money' And quıte shouty wıth ıt. However, much more ımportantly ıt sıts at the base of the magnıfıcent and dormant 5160m Mt. Ararat here known as Agrı Dagı. Classıc volcano form, snowcapped and wıth a 2ndry volcano sıttıng lıke a lımpet on ıts south eastern rıdge. Very pretty. Thınk Etna wıthout fumerole and add 2000m. The weather's a bıt of an ıssue. Tendıng to be cool ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Dogubeyazit September 13th 2011

We turned up early at the bus office in town with our prepaid tickets only to be told in sign language that our bus was not going to be going anywhere today as it was broken. After many questions and no answers the lady finally indicated to the wheel of a car nearby and made hissing sounds. We took it from this that the Mini Bus that was to take us from the Bus Office to the Otogar wasn't going anywhere. In Turkey there is usually a large Bus Station called the Otogar on the very outskirts of the towns or cities, we have even found some of them are over 5 and up to 10 k's out. So they provide a free mini bus to get you from theirr office to the Otogar. So here ... read more
Ishak Pasa Palace
Ishak Pasa Palace
Ishak Pasa Palace

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Dogubeyazit September 2nd 2011

Once the sun rose I found that Kars is actually quite a nice little city. Kars the city is much more well-to-do than I had imagined from knowing a bit about its history. Was Soviet Russian not too long ago, etc. I figured a downright dreary sort of place, but it was nothing like that. The apartment buildings, while rather uniform in structure (thank you Russia), were decked out in wild colors. I think this might have something to do with the Armenian influence, but a more astute student of history could perhaps fill me in. The standard of living seems to be quite high based on the products available in the home appliance stores (large LCD TVs, etc.). I figured Kars would be much more a sleepy city. I mean it is still a city ... read more
An abandoned building
View from near the Castle
At the top of a hill

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Dogubeyazit October 13th 2010

Hey! Sorry it's been so long but due to internet restrictions in Iran, lack of wifi and slow connections in India and the fact I've been having too much fun the blog has been back of the mind! Will update you as best I can about the last 17 days, here goes... Day 15 A long drive from Istanbul, left at 7am and arrived in Cappadocia and the town of Goreme at around sunset. On the way we stopped off at a salt lake which was a bit of a weird place made even weirder by the ostriches kept in a fenced off area, ah well! Cappadocia is a region made unique by it's fairy chimneys and caves so the landscape is really unusual and stunning! We stayed in the appropriately named flinstones hotel in a ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Dogubeyazit August 12th 2010

From Goreme we headed East towards the Iranian border. It took 2 long days of driving to get to Lake Van. In the morning at Lake Van we went to visit an Armenian church that was on an island in the middle of the lake followed by another long drive to the frontier town of Dogubeyazit. The mid-day heat is quite intense by our standards. We passed a sign at 10:30am that read 40 degrees C. I'm sure by mid-afternoon it was pushing 45. With the windows down on the truck trying to get air, it felt like someone was blowing a hair dryer in our faces. It's amazing how vast these countries are. Even a short driving day is 6-7 hours. In Dogubeyazit we visited Ishak palace in the evening light and then headed back ... read more
Ishak Palace courtyard
Ishak palace windows
Ishak palace tomb detail

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Dogubeyazit July 21st 2010

Day 17 Goreme to Erzincan (Tues 20th July) A nice slow start today, as we weren’t leaving until 0900. A couple of the group are feeling a little under the weather now stomach wise, so we are all crossing our fingers that it’s not us next. Nothing too serious though and so far the food has been great (if a little monotonous for breakfast with bread, eggs, tomato, cheese, and a little more bread every day) So we were driving through a large town when the driver suddenly stops and jumps out to talk with some taxi drivers on the side of the road. What was he doing, you ask? Want to guess? Yep, got it in one - asking for directions! We miss Gettis with his GPS (although admittedly its better for the driver to ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Dogubeyazit September 4th 2007

To quickly summarize our last days in Turkey, we can say that it was great and that it was not without pain that we left this country. Ani Ani was once the capital of a medieval Armenia kingdom covering todays Armenia and eastern parts of Turkey. At the beginning of the 11th century, Ani is believed to have had a population of over 100,000 making it a respectable rival of Constantinople and Baghdad. Today, of course, only ruins are left. For more history background and the dispute between Turks and Armenia for this site, you can refer to wikipedia! We arrived at around 9 in the morning at the site and were the first people of the day. There aren't that much people anyway and the site is huge, so we found that we had the ... read more
Monastery complexe - Ani
Church in Ani 2
Church 3 - Ani

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Dogubeyazit August 28th 2007

Turkish is in fact a very easy language to learn... Really, no joke! Just look at the pictures and you will understand why. It is just half the fun if you don't have some French (or Swiss-German) skills however. Do you recognize the words? Starting tomorrow, this all won't help us anymore. Farsi (or Persian) is very different and we will need to learn some basic words quickly! Turkey was wonderful. We will upload some pics from Anı and Doğubayazıt with the next entry from Iran. Take care. ... read more

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