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September 18th 2016
Published: September 18th 2016
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MAKU to DOGUBAZIT, TURKEY. 16 September, 2016
23 Kms SubT. Kms 2813.37 kms . Road Condition: ok Weather: MILD 27c cloudy. Time in Saddle: 55 mins Av Speed: av. 24.8 kph. Av Cadence. 71 RpmElevation: 150 m up; 0 m downCalories burned : > 1000
Today at breakfast we were told that the town we were to cycle to overnight had a terrorist issue with the PPK, the Kurdish Revolutionary Army, killing 7 policeman. Mid morning the Turkish Airforce retaliated bombing the village of the terrorists 15 kms from town. So the cycling after Iran was curtailed.
Hence the short distance. We are hoteling rather than camping And tomorrow we will be bused to Kars, our next official rest day, one day early. We are restricted to the hotel building here in Dogubazit, which is 6 kms from centre.
Apparently after the recent incidents in Istanbul and the failed coup, the government removed mayors from power in this region upsetting the Kurdish minority, resulting in last night.
On a happy note we cycled on Iranian roads which gave us a great, though partially clouded view of Mt Ararat, little Mt Ararat of Noah's Ark fame.

This post is out of date order. Internet difficulties have made it hard to keep on top. Photos are of Caravanserai, seen 2 days ago, St Thadius Monastery, oldest known Christian Monastery from 400 AD, Thadius was 1 of 12 apostles at the Last Suppet, entombed here, camp.

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18th September 2016

Been catching up with your blogs and I have to say I am so delighted that I do not have to sleep in a camp site. Iran sounds very interesting and a country that I would one day like to visit. Turkey now has a lot of problems with terrorism and political instability. Tourism to Turkey form the UK has dropped 50% - shame as it is a great country as is the food. I hope the next 14 days are enjoyable and then think no more camping for a while! This end I'm off next week for 4 days cycling in Mallorca staying at my friends place there and then in 3 weeks time Debbie and i are off to South Korea and Japan. We are spending 4 weeks in Japan the last of which is cycling around Kyushu island in the south.
18th September 2016

Hi Peter, iran was interesting and our in country guide was excellent. If you are ever thinking of visiting there let me know and I will provide his contact info. He was knowledgable and a true delight. The start in Turkey has been less than desirable, but all seems calm. Riding the final 14 days starts the day after tomorrow. As alcohol is now back on the menu, I need to be cycling to truly enjoy a beer without fesr of putting back on the weight lost! Never been to Korea so look forward to your thoughts. Enjoyed Japan as I am sure you and Debbie will. Cycling there is very dignified, no heavy panting or sweating! I hope you both have a great time. Keep me informed. Cheers Roger

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