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Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Urgup May 14th 2014

Urgup After a cold rainy start and a warm afternoon, we arrived in the stone carved house area of Cappadocia on Tuesday. We are staying in one of the cave hotels in Urgup.The hotel is made up of seven old houses with some additions. Wednesday is a day off for sightseeing and cleaning and maintenance, before pushing further into Eastern Turkey.... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Urgup May 8th 2014

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Urgup September 30th 2010

Day 5 30th September 2010 Breakfast outside and then away to the Steppes for more headwinds and a puncture in my front tyre caused by those wicked prickly roadside plants. Furhter down the road I repaired a puncture for Kristine. which was the fourth puncture of the group. We eventually arrived in Sultanhani after a hard day today. Total mileage 44miles, 40 of which were into a serious head wind. We were also travelling on a very busy road inundated with lorries going to and from a nearby sugar beat factory. We travelled across the steppes, a prairie which was as flat as the eye could see in any direction. Stopped for lunch of chai and biscuits near Aksaray for some of group who did not get lost (Julia). By mid-afternoon some really dark clouds ... read more
Kristine. which way is it?
 Dust Storm Chain gang
Sultanhani Caravanserie

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Urgup September 28th 2010

Day 3 28th September 2010 Today we set off from Urgup where we saw all the limestone chimneys, which were stuuning to say the least, and went on for miles. On our departure at 9am it was already in the 20's centigrade and we built up more heat with the steady climb out of town for several miles. A left turn at Mustafa Paxa shortly after passing a donkey pulling an old wizened man on a four wheel cart took us up onto the plateau where there was signs of recent ploughing of the wheat stubble on the vast flatlands. Occasionally we would see fields with pumpkins scattered like giant yellow ballons awaiting harvesting. Later in the morning we stopped at a village to ask a lady if there was anywhere selling chai (tea) for our ... read more
Mustafa Paxa fountain
Kind lady who gave us all chai

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Urgup September 24th 2010

Day 1 Friday 24th September 2010 Arrived in Istanbul very late on Friday night. It was very humid when we arrived in Turkey and quite warm. In Istanbul I bought a leather belt for 84p, good value, then was ripped off by a taxi driver who charged us £15 for a fare that should have been £6! Day 2 Saturday 25th September Spent morning exploring the city . Went to see Blue Mosque but did not go inside due to massive queue and shortage of time before flight to Kayseri. A mini bus drove us from the airport to Urgup, a vibrant colourful town, where we checked into our hotel. The view from the hotel is of a big hill which has been excavated and homes dug out of the rock. Put our bikes together ready ... read more
Istanbul main road
We are here says Pete

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Urgup April 26th 2010

I never knew Turkey was so scenic - I always think of it as beaches, sailing and ancient remains but in the last few days we have ridden across some great road through some fantastic scenery and we have mostly had the roads to ourselves, apart from the flocks of sheep and goats wandering aimlessly along. The landscape is amazingly diverse; alpine meadows, snowy passes, rolling grasslands, olive groves. And there are all sorts of diverse cultural bits and bobs on the ways - the perfect combination really. From Istanbul we crossed the Bosphorus leaving Europe behind and entering Asia via the suspension bridge built by Edwin (well ok, it was designed by the company where he served his apprenticeship). It doesn't really feel like Asia though as all the faces are still European and the ... read more
olive groves and apple orchards near Lake Isnik
typical village
heading for the mountains

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Urgup September 4th 2009

We are now in Cappadocia, Turkey. We are camping among the Fairy Chimneys under the full moon with a hot air balloon parade to wake us at sunrise. It is the most amazing place I have ever seen. I am not able to download any pictures right now but it is worth a google. WOW Chow for now, Hugs, Kendra and Jan... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Urgup July 9th 2007

Hello agaın Everyone, I am startıng to figure out some of the keys on the Turkish keyboard, so hopefully the spelling is a bit better this time. The "i" is on another key position so it takes awhile to change my hand positioning for it. We ended the conference yesterday morning with great success, and İ was also able to make even more strides for One Child´s Village. All ın all, İ can already claim that the trip has been an enormous boost for OCV and ıs well worth the price of admission (which, ın fact, I did pay myself so it is no expense to OCV). It is pretty hot here and after the conference we checked out of our rooms and headed to the airport for a flight into the interior of the country. ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Urgup July 9th 2007

Hello, I have been having some problems publishing the blog due to technicalities, so I just published the blog from this morning and now it is evening of the same day and will publish another quick message. We had a great day of touring again and I made some more connections with regard to One Child's Village. There may be an opportunity to raise funds through some business people in Nairobi, so I will continue to look into that further. Today we saw the underground city. It was originally built by the Hittites over 3000 years ago by tunnelling into the soft earth made of compressed volcanic ash. The city goes down at least 16 stories underground and was used to escape attacks and raids from invading armies. There are over 90 such underground cities in ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Urgup July 6th 2007

Geo: 39.9439, 32.856I'm giving the carpet buying experience its own entry because I took a lot of pictures. Although we did not opt for the silk carpet, we enjoyed seeing how the silk threads were teased out of the cocoons, then wound together into thin threads, then wound together into thicker threads and possibly wound again, depending on how thick your thread was going to be. We also saw how the dye was mixed into vats and how the weaving was done. We also found out that the lowly silkworms, after being boiled to death in their own cocoons, were shipped off to Scandanavia to become skin products. Also, here are the two carpets we bought.... read more
Death in the boiling water
Free lesson with expensive purchase
Hand weaving

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