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Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Sivas August 4th 2014

Amasya, Turkey July 26th 2014 “How does it feel To be on your own With no direction home” Bob Dylan, Like a Rolling Stone “Every traveller knows the feeling: the sudden crisis of purpose, the dreaded but universal question that approaches without warning, taping your shoulder........., waking you at midnight, …..chasing you through the muddy streets …...when everyone else is going home and you are left, alone, ….. : what am I doing here?” Brendan Shannahan, In Turkey I am Beautiful There can be no self-pity for a traveller when he feels alone, for the rewards of travel are otherwise rich and frequent, and he knows well how fortunate he is to be able to take this path. But it happens.. that empty feeling. And specially so during a festive time in a place where you ... read more
Amasya looking west with boutique Ottoman houses and Pontus cave tombs
Men waiting for sunset during Ramazan in Amasya
With Ibrahim Olay - poet and shoe shine

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Sivas July 26th 2013

Friday 26th July 2013 Silk Road - Aksaray to Kayseri Joy of Joy - I have finally discovered evidence of the existence of the silk road in Turkey. So far in this blog, I have been reporting what looked like a holiday report - now I am pleased to write something about the silk road at last. The day before I drove past a town called 'Sultanhani' - didn't think much of it because I was focussed on the town of Aksaray The night before I looked up the silk road in Turkey and noticed there were 'kervansaray' or 'Han' in Turkish. In English it means roadside inn where travellers could rest and recover from the day's journey. There was a mention of a kervansaray about 40km away called 'Sultanhani'. Yesterday, I drove past one of ... read more
Sultan han in Aksaray

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Sivas October 29th 2011

Even though I didn’t go home with them that day at the train station, our two-minute interaction had given me the feeling that Sefa and his wife, Sali, were kindred spirits. I wanted the opportunity to get to know them better, so I called to see if I could spend my last night in Sivas with them. Sali answered, “Of course you can stay with us! You are always welcome here!” They came to pick me up an hour later and, within minutes, had me convinced to stay for at least another day. The following day was Republic Day commemorating the proclamation of the Turkish republic in 1923. Sefa invited me to join his family for the celebration and gave me a quick lesson on a proper Turkish greeting. First you hug with your right arm ... read more

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If you ever find yourself in Sivas, you will have found yourself in the middle of nowhere – or, at least, the middle of Turkey. The city is rich with history and hidden treasures, but it’s often overlooked by tourists who use it only as a base camp for expeditions slightly to the left of the middle of nowhere. My first two days there, I did exactly that. The first day-trip took me to the tiny town of Divriği, almost 200 kilometers southeast of Sivas. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, Divriği is mentioned in all the guidebooks, but it’s far enough off the beaten path to grant any foreign tourist who visits instant celebrity status, which meant that I spent more time posing for pictures than taking them. The town’s main attraction is the ... read more
Great Mosque
Carved Doorway

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Sivas October 26th 2011

Being alone doesn’t bother me. In fact, I often crave solitude and, when it comes to traveling, I definitely prefer to go it solo. Without any sort of comfort zone to seek solace in, I have even more motivation to meet new people and try new things. In an environment where everything is unknown and begging to be explored, I hardly have the opportunity to feel lonely. But, every once in a while, I’m struck with a sudden loneliness and I want nothing more than to be surrounded by those who love me. Today was such a day. I blame the Turkish train for being so slow, and the Turkish language for being so unintelligible. I decided to take the train from Amasya to Sivas because it was cheap. For being so inexpensive, it’s surprising comfortable ... read more

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