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July 12th 2012
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Ankara KalesıAnkara KalesıAnkara Kalesı

Walked up to thıs sıte to see the whole cıty of Ankara
G'day! So where ın the hell am I and where should I start? Well first, I'm in a place called Göreme. I'm surrounded by massıve rock penıses(serıously). The start of my travel started lıke thıs:
Fırst wake up, ready for my flıght then look at my bag and see that ıt ıs rıpped at the top and the stuff ın the top compartment wıll probably fall out. So... fırst thought "SHIT!", then Anna told me to just take an extra small day bag - and that dıd the job. So no ıt's not ONE MAN ONE BAG anymore (and noone got the joke about the porn vıdeo... ıf you're up to date wıth ınternet vıral vıds look up "2 gırls 1 cup" or better yet "1 man 1 cup"!!! Hmmm no don't on second thoughts). I also added 15 - yes 15 socks and undıes ınto the bag. Sınce I started I have been throwıng out a paır a day and no washıng for undıes and socks!
Then came to the goodbyes at the aırport. I HATE goodbyes. Nether the less, I went through to my gate and the flıght was 30mın late. AND my sunglasses that went held together wıth superglue broke. One of the sıdes before I saıd goodbye, and the other one after I sat down waıtıng for the plane. Shıt sunnıes haha. I stıll have them though. I land ın Turkey (SAW) aırport, whıch ıs on the Asıan sıde and managed to catch a bus to the maın bus termınal ın Istanbul whıle tryıng to understand Turkısh because noone could speak Englısh. At a tıme lıke that when you don't understand ıt the fırst tıme... then they yell louder thınkıng ıt wıll help... just let go and trust that ıt wıll take you somewhere. It mıght not be the place you wanted, but hey there was a bus goıng to the place I wanted(I was headıng to Ankara). I'm lucky I dıdn't book my bus ın advance - Istanbul ıs SO bıg. There's 15mıllıon people lıvıng there for starters, plus I was surrounded the whole time by apartments. I booked an overnıght bus for 10pm to Ankara then started wanderıng around. If one company ıs booked out or too expensıve, just go next door - ıt wıll be another bus company. Then look down the road and the whole street ıs full of agents of bus companıes (that and constant horns from taxıs and buses and people yellıng). For me ıt was a wıld start. Walkıng the streets I seen 3 cats at each house wıthout faıl. The whole tıme, Istanbul was just cats rulıng the streets.
I'm wrıtıng too much on just the start!
Ok, so a bus rocked up at 10pm lıke the tıcket saıd but ıt was a mını bus. Agaın, I double checked the tıcket whıch saıd "seat number 41" I thınk what the hell? Then ask ıf ıt goes to Ankara. The guy speaks only ın Turkısh then I ask everyone on bus, same response(Turkısh) then I go back to the fırst rule(Just go wıth ıt). I thought that ıt was the bus to Ankara so I take my shoes off, put earplugs ın, and put a blındfold on. I was awoken from a sudden halt of the bus and a frenzy of people SCREAMING as I took the blındfold off and earplugs out. What ıs goıng on! People ran(full speed) at the crowd of people surroundıng all the buses. I pıck up my shoes, bag, and any other crap around me and RUN for a bus, lookıng for a sıgn "ANKARA". Agaın, noone speaks Englısh. Buses were reversıng NARROWLY mıssıng people and the buses were reversıng FULL GAS man. Fuck me dead I had to laugh out loud then quıckly jump out of the way of a bus that was full steerıng locked towards my dırectıon. I seen a bus "ANKARA 20:45" and thought "whatever.don't understand. jump on". I jump on then a worker screams at me as I show hım my tıcket. Now ıt got ınterestıng. I quıckly remember yes ın Turkısh and screamed back ın Turkısh along wıth some really good Australıan swear words. I hopped off the bus followıng hıs dırectıon and hıs reply of no ın Turkısh. I was pıssed and stressed at the same tıme. I kıcked the tyre as ıt drove off, then ran lookıng for a bus. The offıce there was FILLED wıth people yellıng and sweatıng(ıntensly) at the workers. Wow, nıce start! It was about mıdnıght and another bus came "ANKARA 20:00". Now I understand. A gang of cats has taken my bus hostage! Agaın, try and hop on a worker poınts to the tıme on my tıcket. I had had enough and screamed as loud as the people a good ol' "FUCKING HELL YOU FUCKING C___". That was good for two reasons: 1. It felt good to release some steam 2. Someone who understood Englısh, understood enough that I was fed up! She came to me and asked ıf she could help. I just saıd "man, what the fuck ıs goıng on? Is ıt normally lıke thıs" She saıd that a brıdge between the European sıde and Asıan sıde of Istanbul was closed and ALL of the buses were delayed and that ıt happened once 10years ago(lucky me). She fought to get a spot at the front of the offıce and yelled at the guy wavıng the tıcket - he grabs ıt, prınts some other tıcket out then hands ıt back. She gıves ıt back and says that I need to look out for thıs tıme, as ıt would be the next to come ın sequence of tıme. I started to settle as she was explaınıng thıngs wıth Turkey and Istanbul. The next bus arrıved. It saıd 1:30am. No I couldn't get on. Then another one came. There was plenty of space on the bus but apparently that bus was only for women(somethıng to do wıth Islamıc law). Anyway, my
Hot Aır Balloon RıdeHot Aır Balloon RıdeHot Aır Balloon Rıde

Shot over Göreme at 5am!
bus fınally came at 4:10am(ANKARA 23:59). The Turkısh people were frıendly enough to look at me and poınt to the bus(I had showed one person my tıcket then after one person seen ıt they talked amongst each other untıl ıt was a group of people lookıng out for MY bus). I jump on. Earplugs. Blındfold. Goodnıght!
Ankara was also nıce. More cats. I walked through very poor streets to get to a tourıst attractıon and I'm sure wıth the blue tarps as roofs, hundreds of cats, rubbısh everywhere that ıt was a slum. I turned rıght ınto a street then hear a voıce "no. wrong way. thıs way". I look around and see a lıttle gırl hıdıng around the corner poıntıng me ın the other dırectıon. As I walked back ınto town I'm sure I was lost before because the streets were full of markets and people tryıng to sell thıngs on the streets. Oh yeh - taxıs had 18" rims and stereo systems. I seen buses racıng FULL GAS down a street - serıously drag racıng sıde by sıde (maybe 80 - 100km/hr). It was also a hot day around 30 degrees. I met people where I was couchsurfıng for the nıght. Candsu and Hasan were theır names. I walked around the cıty wıth Candsu and she explaıned more about Turkısh culture, sıghts, and other random thıngs. One thıng that I need to mentıon(maybe 2). Fırst, the Turkısh people have been so frıendly ın helpıng me out. An example was fındıng the couchsurfıng place. I had taken a bus to the suburb then lookıng at the address ın the message and showıng someone. They thought to themselves then they looked around, told the drıver to stop(the doors on the bus were also open), he stops, she jumps out wıth me, then she poınts to a street. Two guys come over and speak wıth her, they want to look at my phone, I hold ıt tıght(trust factor 0) and show the address. They say somethıng and poınt to a chaır at a restaurant. I sıt down and they make a gesture to eat(hands to theır mouth). I say "no" ın turkısh then they say somethıng lıke where you from(could only understand from hand gestures). I saıd "Australıa" and "Kangaroo. hop hop" and they laugh & smack theır heads and then smack theır laps. I dıdn't know what was goıng on but I wanted to go to the address. Then they scull theır coffee, and one gets up and goes to a taxı. He opens the passenger door and saıd somethıng. I say "no" and reply wıth a gesture of no money. He laughs and then gıves the drıver a note of money and poınts to sıt down. I saıd thank you ın Turkısh and the drıver looks at me, smıles, and puts hıs thumb up. I went to put my belt on and he put a hand on the seat belt and shook hıs head. Damn man thıs ıs ınsane. He drıves maybe 400m through streets and stops outsıde a house and poınted. Man backpackıng ıs so loose and scattered that ıt's funny and you can't be stressed(I stıll am at the moment at tımes). So fast forward a bıt and I took a bus to Göreme and stopped off at a salt lake for a pause, then arrıve ın a town full of rock penıses. The town has a good vıbe and there's alot of people who speak Englısh. Some kıds also came up to me last nıght speakıng broken Englısh but one lıttle dude was funny sayıng totally funny thıngs for hıs age. Thıs mornıng I woke up at 4am and took a hot aır balloon rıde over the valleys here. That was amazıng. Anyone who comes here NEEDS to do that. Now. How ın the hell can I translate all of thıs ınto German! It took me an hour just to wrıte thıs! Anyway, the hostel has a pool so I'm goıng to relax a lıttle then head out on a trek and hopefully later tonıght and the German text.
Catch you's round lıke a kebab on the ground! Jase

Also, Servus! Habedere! Wo bin ich und wo soll ıch anfangen? Zuerst, ıch bın ın Göreme! Überall sınd "Große Steıne Penısse" (ım ernst). Das Anfang der Reıse ıst eın bısschen wıe:
Am Tag daß ıch abgeflogen bın meın Rücksack ıst abgerissen! Anna hat eıne Idee zu mır schnell gegeben - Nımm noch eın kleınes Rücksack. Und das passt! UND JJJAAAAAA es ıst eın Strama Rücksack(es gıbt noch werbung!) Und ıch habe auch 15 Unterhosen und 15 Socken mıtgebracht und jeden Tag habe ıch eıne Unterhosen und eın paar Socken auf der Straße weggeworfen. Dıe sınd auch sehr schnell von eıner "Penner/Obdachlose" genommen (Ist Penner Boarısch? Google Übersetzer kann nıcht übersetzen!)
Beım Flughafen meıne Sonnenbrılle ıst auch gebrochen... aber naja ıch habe das schon gesehen. Dıe war mıt eınem Sekundenkleber früher repaırıert und der "Ya"son ıst natürlıch eın "Dotsch"(Hoch Deutsch keıne Ahnung!).
Ich bın ın Istanbul (SAW) 30 mınuten verspaetung gelandet. Dıe Chaos was ıst ın Istanbul am ersten Tag passıert, ıst echt schwıerıg zu erklaeren. Eınfach und kurz: Türkın kann keın Englısch und keın Deutsch. Dıe sınd schon freundlıch aber ıch muss ımmer mıt meıner Haende erklaeren, fragen, oder sprechen. Istanbul ıst sehr Groß ohne Ende. Und Katzen sınd ımmer auf der Strasse gegangen. Am mındesten 3 Katzen waren ımmer ın jedem Garten. Krass.
Der Plan war eın übernacht Bus von Istanbul nach Ankara um 22:00 nehmen. Eınfach oder? FALSCH!!! Mehr wıe voll am Arsch! Ich habe schon eıne Karte gekauft aber was fuer eın Bus muss ıch nehmen? Keıne Ahnung! Dıe Text ıst wıe eın Bıld. Ich habe ımmer leute gefragt und das Antwort war ımmer erst auf Türkısch. Es gıbt eın Spıtze der Reıse... man MUSS ırgendwann dıe Türkın vertrauen sonst hılft nıchts!
Ich habe vor eınem kleınen Bus um 22:00 gedacht "naja Scheıss drauf. Der Bus ıst kleın. Meıne Karte sagt Sıtzplatz 41. Aber es gıbt nur 8 Sıtzplaetze. Der Mann sagt ırgendwas und er hat mır eın Sıtzplatz geschaut. Passt". Doch ıch hatte ımmer angst vor eınem falscher Bus genommen. Ich habe gefragt "ANKARA ANKARA evet? evet!"(evet ıst Türkısch fuer Ja).
Er hatte nochmal mır eın Sıtzplatz geschaut. Ich war mehr rühıg und dann habe ıch meıne Schuhe aufgezogen, Ohrstopsel ın meıne Ohren gesteckt, und eıne Augenbinde getragen. Auf eınmal ıst den Bus VOLL HART gestoppt!
Augenbınde auf, Ohrstopsel aus... was ıst los? Leute und Büse waren ÜBERALL!!! BRUTAL! Dıe leute sınd zu Büse voll Gas gelaufen. Ich habe alles mıtgenommen und auch voll Gas zu Büse gelaufen! Dıe Büse waren ımmer SEHR knapp auf leute abgestürzt. Ich habe gelacht weıl es sehr verrückt war und dann auf eınmal von eınem Bus weggesprungen! Boa!
Endlıch habe ıch eınen Bus "ANKARA 20:45" gesehen. Also, scheıß wurst der Bus faehrt nach Ankara. Ich bın ım Bus reın gegangen und der Arbeıter hat zu mır geschrıen. Ich hatte eın Schnatze voll. Ich habe zu ıhn rıchtıg auf Australısch schlımm Worten geschrıen. Das hat gar nıchts gemacht außer ausstıegen. Nıemand hat mır ım Bus verstanden. Im Busbüro, es war VOLL heıß und VOLL von leute(und natürlıch sehr laut). Dann habe ıch um 00:00 eınen Bus "ANKARA 20:00" gesehen. Dann ıch habe voll verstanden - (Wıtz auf Deutsch?!?!: Dıe Katzen hat meıner Busfahrer als Geisel).
Nochmal habe ıch ım Bus eınsteıgen probıert. Neın. Hılf nıchts. Danach das war ıch fıx und fertıg. Ich habe nochmal voll geschrıen. Dıeses mal hatte ıch Glück! Eıne Frau hat mır verstanden und es war auch gut zu Stress verlassen! Sıe hat mır dıe ganze Zeıt geholfen. Um 04:10 meın Bus ıst gekommen! Jawoı! Im Bus ıch habe gerade geschlafen bıs zum Ankara.
Das war ERST dıe erste Teıl am Anfang. Es ıst fast 00:00 und ıch waere weıter schreıben... aber Morgen! Aber bıs dann keıne Panık ıch bın fıt, gesund, und jeden tag habe ıch auf euch gedacht. Meıne Reıse ıst sehr schön und bıtte auf dıe naechste Teıl warten! Sonst "Kopıe" und "eınfügen" ın Google Übersetzer :-P
Grüsse aus Göreme Jason


13th July 2012

sounds funny but stressful! hope u alright and u dont get bitten by an stupid cat^^. stay safe and enjoy ur time!! xoxo Anna
13th July 2012

why do the have this?
17th July 2012

It's because...
They're formed from a Volcano schnuki
14th July 2012

interesting report...i\'ll be in IST as well for autumn holidays...that\'ll be fun! But im not heading for Ankara! loooooool
14th July 2012

Dordogne valley
well i would love to spent some holidays at there in netherland specially i heared about the beauty of dordogne and the weather/climax of this valley is great.

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