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April 19th 2006
Published: June 16th 2017
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01 Rose Valley01 Rose Valley01 Rose Valley

Some of the many pink rocks.
Geo: 39.0425, 35.3437

After breakfast, which we ate out in morning sun. We were told we were going for a hike this morning and had a local guide with us for the day. Was hoping it wasn't going to be too much hard work. We went for a short drive, then began walking into the valley. The area is covered by pointy rocks that have been formed due to erosion. The area is full of underground cities, caves, rock churches and chambers. People used to live in these caves. They are made of solidified volcanic ash and is soft to carve. We walked up a dodgy ladder to a small church- one of the highest spots in the valley. The walls were painted with bible scenes and in quite good condition considering they don't seem to be making much of an effort to conserve the church.

We had some free time to explore the caves and walk through tunnels. Was fun to see where it would take me. Most of these caves are now occupied by pigeons. We then walked to an old Christian village and had free time there to climb all over it and add to the erosion!! The houses
02 Carved02 Carved02 Carved

Caves carved out of the rocks.
in this village varied in size- some had a few rooms and others only one.

We got back in the mini-bus and went to a restaurant for lunch. We had a great meal and the restaurant consisted of a few large caves. So we ate in a cave and sleep in one too!

We then drove a short while until Kaymakli to visit the underground city. The city began being carved out of the rock hill 2000 years BC. There are 8 levels and the top four floors are open to visitors. People in the area built their houses with a tunnel that would lead them to this underground city in the case of a war. There is a wine cellar, church, mill, stable, living rooms, kitchens and a ventilation shaft 120 metres long. I enjoyed walking through this city. Would have been better if we weren't so rushed by our guide. I would have liked more time to explore the city. There were lots of little rooms that the guide didn't take us through.

We then drove to Pigeon Valley, a valley that got its name due to all the pigeons that poo in the carved out windows. Their poo
03 Looking down03 Looking down03 Looking down

Looking down from the top.
is a very good fertilizer and collected by locals.

Tonight we all went out for dinner as a group and had a really nice meal. Some people ordered a meal that is cooked in a clay pot. It arrived at the table and was then cracked open with a hammer and chisel- bit of a novelty for us!

Additional photos below
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04 Going up04 Going up
04 Going up

This is the group walking up to the church entrance.
05 Frescoes05 Frescoes
05 Frescoes

Frescoes in the church.
06 Pink rocks06 Pink rocks
06 Pink rocks

More pink rocks.
07 Entrance07 Entrance
07 Entrance

Entrance to a cave dwelling.
08 Inside08 Inside
08 Inside

Inside the cave.
09 Inside09 Inside
09 Inside

Inside the cave.
10 Looking out10 Looking out
10 Looking out

Looking out of the cave.
11 Close up11 Close up
11 Close up

Zooming in on a pink rock.
12 Farming the land12 Farming the land
12 Farming the land

Locals who live in the Rose Valley and are farming their land with a donkey.
13 More scenery13 More scenery
13 More scenery

More scenery from the Rose Valley.
14 Christian Village14 Christian Village
14 Christian Village

An old Christian Village.
15 Houses15 Houses
15 Houses

Houses in the old village.
16 The new and the old16 The new and the old
16 The new and the old

In the middle is a new building and on the right is the old village.
17 Looking down17 Looking down
17 Looking down

The view from the top of the Christian village.
18 Looking down18 Looking down
18 Looking down

Looking down to the other direction.
19 Path19 Path
19 Path

Path to the top and the other side of the hill.
20 Other side20 Other side
20 Other side

On the other side of the hill there were more houses carved out of the pink rock.
21 Old and new21 Old and new
21 Old and new

Old village to the left and the new town to the right.

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