Photos from Surmene, Black Sea, Turkey, Middle East

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surmene pidesi
on the border to Georgia
that's in your back when you look over the Black Sea....
typical tea plantage in the North East of Turkey
the house in the small village in the mountains
typical family photos in Turkish homes
in "my" house in the mountains
Hüsseyin's single appartment
Hüsseyin, my host in Sürmene
evening sun over the beach highway in Sürmene
my friends in Sürmene
one of the rare restorated traditional houses
that's how beautifu houses used to look like before the invention of concrete
typical Black Sea houses of the 20th century II
typical Black Sea houses of the 20th century
typical Black Sea town street
tristesse II
Black Sea
crazy kids
outside wall II
outside wall
Sümela monastery from the valley III
Sümela monastery from the valley II
Sümela monastery from the valley I
view on the Black mountains, which are still quite white
monastery detail X
monastery detail IX
monastery detail VIII
monastery detail VII
monastery detail VI
monastery detail V
monastery detail IV
monastery detail II
monastery detail
inside the monastery
stairs to the Sümela monastery
Serkan, his colleagues and me
Hasret, the maths teacher
Macka students
draught hazelnut cream
in the mountains VI
in the mountains V
in the mountains IV
in the mountains II
in the mountains I
daily life in Giresun II
daily life in Giresun
hazelnut fountain in Giresun
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