A Canyon, An Aqueduct, and an Impromptu Dance Party

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October 19th 2011
Published: October 20th 2011
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It’s for days like today, that I do what I do. My only goal was to walk to the İncekaya Aqueduct, an old Byzantine structure that spans the Tokatlı Gorge. With the sun on my face, a cool breeze at my back and good tunes in my ears, I charged uphill for seven kilometers, passing only a handful of people on the way (all of whom smiled and waved at the crazy woman). I was on my own the entire day, free to enjoy the peacefulness of the river, the aqueduct, the bells of the sheep grazing on the hills around me. I had no place to be, and nothing to do – just be.

It’s also days like today when I wonder if I’m crazy, or maybe the only one who’s got the right idea. At just the moment when the road curved to reveal the gorge below, my favorite dance jam came on. I put my stuff down and danced my heart out, right there on the side of the road, on a ledge overlooking a 100-meter drop. It felt good. It felt really good. I live for moments like this. And I’m not sure if it’s basis for committal, or applause. But, as long as I’m having fun, I don’t care.

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20th October 2011
Photo 4

dude can we climb that?!?!?
pleeeeeeease!! And then dance party at the top?!?!?! Love love love to you!
21st October 2011
Photo 4

HECK YES!!! ı thought of you the entıre tıme ı was there!
20th October 2011

Awesome Chantel... I was \'there\'.... Thanks for sharing and keep on trucking chica.
21st October 2011

Sounds Perfect
This sounds like a perfect day to me! I am with you in spirit and unfortunately I will have to follow in your footstep... you are living out my dream. Oh... i just made it on to your blog, and being not so good with technology either... read it backwards!
3rd January 2013

Definitely applauded! And I'd be lying if I said I haven't done the same in the past ;)

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