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June 13th 2012
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Finished up with the main sites in Selcuk today. Started at St. John's Basilica, which is literally right across the street from my hotel. This was a massive place in its day, and actually holds the tomb of St. John. Fun to just wander around the ruins. Next checked out a cool ruined mosque just down the street before heading to the absolutely pitiful remains of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: The Temple of Artemis.

All that's left of the temple is a lone column in a field full of blackbirds. But in it's time this temple was basically like St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, in terms of size and religious importance. Really makes you think about what buildings of ours will still be around 2000 years from now. Then I got lost in the back streets of Selcuk, which was actually really nice. There are some beautiful homes here, and seeing where the Turkish people actually live just reinforced I think the most important take away of travel: people are just people no matter where you go. They might live differently, but it's not necessarily better or worse than how you live. It's just different.
St. John's TombSt. John's TombSt. John's Tomb

That's St. John the Apostle, not the Baptist. One lady was really confused about this.

Had a lazy afternoon at the Ephesus Museum, and then back up on the terrace at the hotel drinking tea and watching the storks on the poles. Tomorrow I'm off to Greece. I'm going to miss Turkey - but it's time for a change! And I only have 20 Turkish Liras left...

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Pitiful Column at Temple of ArtemisPitiful Column at Temple of Artemis
Pitiful Column at Temple of Artemis

See the blackbird in the sky?
Lone leg in Ephesus MuseumLone leg in Ephesus Museum
Lone leg in Ephesus Museum

This almost made me laugh seeing it - all that has remained is a leg!
Broken Cupid wings in museumBroken Cupid wings in museum
Broken Cupid wings in museum

There's something poetic about this.

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