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June 26th 2015
Published: June 26th 2015
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A journey of 120 miles, up into & over the Taurus mountains. Again, vast expanses of mountains, scrub & trees with the road (a dual carriageway blasted through the mountains) seemingly going on forever. We detoured slightly & stopped off at yet another ancient city, Kibyre. The theatre here is 200 metres long, help 10,000 people who could watch athletics, chariot racing & Russel Crowe look alikes. Then, everything went green once we neared the mountain tops – the change was so dramatic. Very little surface water but obviously lots of springs – it's from here that the Turks are to supply water to Cyprus via an undersea pipeline.

As we approached Pamukkale you could see the vast expanse of white...the famous world heritage site. We couldn't find the site but there was another right opposite the mountainside & carried a hefty premium for the privilage, but still cheap by UK standards - £17.50, with a pool & wifi. The only problem was the non-stop dance music being played by the pool, oh well, soon got used to it, not. Our nice German neighbour Chris told us it went on until 6 or 7 at night...

We decided that as the Pamukkale was open until gone 8pm, we'd head off to see it& leave in the morning. What an experience – shoes off to walk on the calcium deposits which were constantly being washed over with spring water. Beautiful! Then, to top it it off, right at the top behind this spectacle is Hierapolis – yet another ancient city; we're in danger of being ancient citied out as were templed out in Cambodia! Anyway, I digress (or Dai Gress as Paul is called). We have never seen so many Japanese tourists before & certainly never seen so many selfie sticks in one place either – nor Hello Kitty bags! Tsk

We enjoyed a nice dinner in the restaurant, had a sit in the cooling air & hit the sack. Only to be woken at 3.30am by some buffoon banging a bass drum on the road about 100 yards away. I'm convinced someone is doing these things to give me something to write about – you couldn't make it up...anyway, I was about to get up & ram his drumstick somewhere unpleasant when it stopped. Here's a challenge for you Aneka – go & find a bass drum at 3.30am in the middle of rural Turkey...

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28th June 2015

Invisible photos unfortunately
Can't see your lovely photos on this page unfortunately. However I'll have a look after Tuesday when we get home.

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