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December 11th 2013
Published: December 11th 2013
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We went to the ruins of an ancient Roman city, that are right by the white cliffs. We saw the old grave yard and took zombie pictures. Then we saw the grand market and the really different bathroom, where you went was side by side. I couldn't imagine having to use the bathroom with so many people around. We continued on looking at the architecture and seeing old Roman baths and concert halls. We then saw the calcium pools and the ruins of the old Apollo temple now a pool to soak in, Elissa, Rachel and me went in for awhile. After the swim, we had lunch and ice-cream. Then we walked down the calcium pools, they were really cool and felt weird on your feet at places because the calcium goes between your toes. The water was sometimes warm and others cold. It was very interesting. We ended back at the hotel, and had free time. Me and mom just stayed at the hotel. At 5:00pm we met up to go to a whirling dervish ceremony. It was very elegant and beautiful the way they twirl and meditate. The black lights they put up make their gowns glow which complement it nicely. You can not take pictures during the ceremony. But after they did a little more to take pictures. After the ceremony we got to ask some questions then we went back to the hotel. We went in two different groups for supper. I went with Ibo, Mom, Francisco, Jen, Hana and Genghis.

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Snake wangler.

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