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September 23rd 2008
Published: September 23rd 2008
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We are in Foca as I write although we have had problems establishing wireless connections here. The drive from Mordogan was pleasant then Industrial then we missed the turning and it got a bit scary, then we found our way back and after more industrial and roadworks it got OK. The side road from the motorway is pretty.

We have both taken a liking to Foca - this is ancient Phocea... It has a working fishing fleet including trawlers and several schools. It is a 'real' place and not a resort. It is also pretty and very friendly. (Oooh the 'you can eat now' firework just went boom). The weekly market was today and it's huge and lively. We could live here.

Today we drove to Yeni Foca 22km up the road. The drive was spectacular. Yeni Foca is more than pretty. But half the villas are locked up for winter. We drove on through more industry and a largish working town to a place the name of which we can't remember right now - Candarli or something like that - which we both liked a lot. A medium sized fishing town (with trawlers) and no tourism visible. There
Blue Mosque at iıghtBlue Mosque at iıghtBlue Mosque at iıght

During Ramazan
was a ginger can that sat on me and wanted to be fussed.

Drove back to Foca and visited the market. Then Ashley got a shave and I got a haircut.

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Hotel blacony viewHotel blacony view
Hotel blacony view

Stıll Foça
New HaircutNew Haircut
New Haircut

In Foça - the hairdressers did not speak English

24th September 2008

Oooh, lovely
Foca looks lovely :) I suddenly 'got' the reference to the fireworks with your photo about it being Ramadan (until 01Oct). Evening night life must be quite fun at the moment?

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