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August 16th 2007
Published: October 22nd 2017
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I cleared some pictures off the cameras today and have posted some pictures from the past as well as yesterday, but I think you can figure it all out from the captions.

Yesterday we were supposed to go to Pamukkale, but I got no sleep and we put it off for a couple days. We decided to head to Bodrum to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. To our horror and surprise, it was the only film in the place that had been dubbed over to Turkish (no English subtitles either). So after a month of waiting, we were sorely disappointed. Alex nearly blew a gasket. We bundled everyone back into the Fiat and took them to have pizza and then we went to the Bodrum Castle. Nanny hadn't been there yet and really enjoyed it. I think we all (including Lucy) really like it. It has everything: a cool castle to look at, underwater archeology exhibits, gardens, Greek and Roman myths to read, open spaces and cafe's, artisans displaying interesting and beautiful things to buy (no haggling!) and views of Bodrum harbor. To top it all, no charge for any of the kids. We love it! Nanny made many jewelry purchases there, including a necklace with a dragonfly on it and a ring in the style of one worn by Cleopatra. It had to be resized, so we have to go back for it. I bought something for my friend Jennifer. Hmmm, what could it be?

On our way home we stopped at the Gundogan market for two kinds of melon, green beans, tasty peanuts with sesame seeds, almonds, watercress, tomatoes and peaches. For dinner we had one of those dinners that Dad would say isn't really dinner, but it made us very happy. We had crepes filled with wonderfully juicy, sweet peaches that had been lovingly sprinkled with cinnamon. Peaches that good can convert an atheist.

Today was a quiet beach/pool day. We are going over the Amishay's house for tea tonight and to meet some more of their Turkish friends. We will take another run at Pamukkale tomorrow.

Odds & ends: Kate's photo collection earns the subtitle: The cats of Turkey. I have taken to reading David Sedaris essays when I need a quick fix of adult humor to distract me from bickering. I am grateful that he is both gifted and prolific. Josh loves it that the words iconic and ironic are so similar.

Additional photos below
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Alex checks out fossilsAlex checks out fossils
Alex checks out fossils

We were wondering if this fossil display at St. Peter's Castle had been placed by Christian missionaries. It is half in English, half in Turkish and makes a big point of saying that these fossils prove that evolution has not happened and that animals today are as they have always been.
Chapel turned mosque at St. Peter'sChapel turned mosque at St. Peter's
Chapel turned mosque at St. Peter's

...just add minaret and presto! Mosque!
Mosaic that Josh enjoyedMosaic that Josh enjoyed
Mosaic that Josh enjoyed

While we were jewelry shopping at St. Peter's Castle, we set Josh and Alex loose with a camera to keep them entertained.
Our Turkish jewelerOur Turkish jeweler
Our Turkish jeweler

He does original jewelry, mostly based on artifacts in the collection at the museum. Nanny is having some pieces modified to suit and we will return to pick them up. He has the same birthday as Kate. The owl Josh liked was one of his original designs.

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