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August 12th 2007
Published: October 22nd 2017
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At the hamamAt the hamamAt the hamam

We went to the Bodrum Hamam where a massage and personal scrubdown will set you back $25. It's half price for kids and will make you feel as Turkish as you ever will. Tea is included. We never thought we'd get Grandpa in there, but he couldn't resist being there to hear Josh giggle. When it was time for Alex's scrub, he was facing the wrong direction and the guy just spun him around on his belly to face the right way.
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Since we were back a late from Ephesus, it was a slow morning Sunday. Grandpa spent a good part of the day gathering his things. I drove down to town to the internet café to send off an email for him and find a hotel room in Istanbul. I ended up getting him a great deal ($65, including taxes and breakfast) just off Sultanahmet Square at the Hotel Nena which has gotten great reviews from both people on the internet and people we have met. After that, Grandpa couldn't avoid it any longer: we dragged him to the hamam. He still insisted on washing himself, but the boys got the full-body giggle scrub. They came out to the waiting and refreshment area in their towels, so I got a picture (btw- lots of people came out to this area in their towels, so this was not embarrassing). Nanny and Kate stayed at the hamam for the full-works massage and I drove Grandpa to the airport.

The trip to the airport was uneventful and Grandpa got safely on the airplane, I believe.

When I got back, everyone was sitting on the front steps of the hamam eating ice cream. They spent their
Almost TurkishAlmost TurkishAlmost Turkish

Josh loved having the towel wrapped around his head and wants to do it at home.
extra time doing a little shopping in Bodrum for my wedding anniversary (tomorrow-- 13 years). Too bad their Dad won't be here to help open the gift. They also got a backgammon set so they could play the game we think is called Tauvla at home.

If something more significant than dinner happens, I'll update later, but I think it will be a quiet night.

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