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July 31st 2007
Published: October 22nd 2017
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We got new umbellas at the pool today!We got new umbellas at the pool today!We got new umbellas at the pool today!

Shade has long been a scarce commodity over there, so this was a welcome and attractive improvement.
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We started today with a bus ride into town to go to market. I screwed up which day was market day and we ended up going to the grocery, but it's all good. The interesting thing about going on the bus is that you hop on and sit down and then pass your fare up person by person to the front of the bus and then the bus driver gets it, makes change and pulls a ticket out for you--all while he is driving. Given how much attention it takes to drive successfully in Turkey, I'm a little concerned that he is driving and making change at the same time, but it's not my country.

Today I took a series of snapshots of some of the flowers and plants we see on our walk to the beach. PHOTO_ID_R=a-flower-on-the-way-to-the-beach.jpg Some of them I know, others I don't. Some of them I know, but am pretty sure I'm spelling wrong.PHOTO_ID_L=pink-but-not-bougonvillia.jpg Too bad we can't grow some of these at home--well, certainly not this well. I'm not going to weave them all into the blog. The rest are in the photo album for you to look at. PHOTO_ID_L=olive-trees-are-all-over-too.jpg

We picked up Vana (beef) on skewers to grill for dinner. I didn't do too well with the funky charcoal. I got it hot, but only in a very small area. I just switched to the oven. Perhaps they will have a delicious smoky taste.


Josh: Subject: Babe dock.
At the beach I met and made a friend who I had been talking to named Amishay. We were following mom and Alex out toward the rafts . One of the rafts had at least 10 young women in bikinis on it. On the way back, one waved at me and I got up onto the dock and jumped off so I could check them out. I picked the one that had waved at me. She had a black bikini and jet-black hair. I loved being around that dock. After we were done swimming, I gave Amishay a t-shirt and a postcard with our mailing address, in case he wants to write to me. We have played together for several days and he will be here the rest of the week.

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Bougenvillia comes in a few colorsBougenvillia comes in a few colors
Bougenvillia comes in a few colors

This one plant had at least 3 colors. Generally, they are hot pink

14th March 2011

What kind of plant is this? I need some!

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