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July 22nd 2007
Published: October 22nd 2017
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Lucy came in last night, but her luggage did not. We spent today alternately trying to get through to Alitalia to try and track her luggage down and get it here and visiting different places to buy "necessities." It was pretty relaxed and we made it to the beach for several hours. Tomorrow we will probably go out to the airport to get the bag and may hop over to Milas to check that out.

Alex: We went to the beach today. We jumped off and had fun and swam to the docks and had fun with our noodles. They were repairing the ladder on one of the docks today. I rinsed in clean water then I played again in the salt water. I pushed Kate in. We got Turkish "Moon Pies" at the beach.

We went home and I took a dip in the pool. We went out for lunch. Me and Josh have been playing picto-chat on our DS's. It was a lot of fun. We kept making funny pictures and writing stuff to each other and changing our names. Finally we went out to lunch. It was delicious. I had a cheese pide and a slice of bread. It was really yummy. I'm getting a little headache from all of the things I'm thinking of. Delete that! Mom is messing with me, writing everything I say! Because I have been a little bad today, she is doing this to me and we are cracking up very much. But mom is still a great mom.


Josh: Today on Josh's Turkey Live, we have goofy Turkish TV commercials! We will visit the Cafe Crown Buzz (pronounced Boooz). There is a guy at a bar and a girl walks up. She looks hot. The boy likes the girl and he dives under the bar. He says something in Turkish and purrs, "Buzz!" He mixes up Cafe Crown for her and she again smiles and says, "Buzz!" Then he hits something, it flies up in the air, he puts a glass out on the counter and he crosses his arms. The thing falls in the glass and the lady, once again says, "Buzz!" Then it says: "Cafe Crown! Buzz!"

In another Cafe Crown commercial, the same people are there and he hits some glasses with the drink in it and he says some of the notes in Turkish. He says something to the woman and she says, "Buzz!" once again. What's wrong with this lady?! Is she trying to make a fool out of herself?

Now, for the next one. The Little Turkcell workshop. Turkcell is a cellphone company. It's main thing is posting billboards with a lady and a child on her lap. The child looks shocked holding up 10 fingers and the mom hold ups 5 fingers and the print says 5 lira. The little kid is dressed in a bumble bee outfit with black pants, yellow shoes and antennae. In this one, it shows a weird annimated fantasy meadow with little bunnies (like "Night of the Lepus" before they were transformed). There are lush forests and grass in the background and a little hut. Inside the hut there is this weird kid that we think is supposed to look like Harry Potter, except that he has brown, curly hair. He pretends to work on little bumblebee key with this not-too-greatly animated bumblebeen (no stinger, the propaganda kind). It has the bee's head on top of the key and he gives the key to this girl who runs across the workshop smiling way too much. She gives it to another boy and he puts it on this giant mat with a bunch of other keys. Then it says something in Turkish and one of the keys appears and the camera zooms out of the hut, shuts the door, has a close-up of the key and it winks. Then they say something else in Turkish.

Thanks, that's all for goofy commercials in Turkey. Josh Westhoven signing off.


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