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July 18th 2007
Published: October 22nd 2017
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While the dateline on these entries says Bodrum, all our entries (for the most part) going forward are from Gundogan. We visited Bodrum briefly yesterday and it was really a madhouse. The don't call it the Monte Carlo of the Aegean for nothing! That place was hoppin' with discos and upscale restaurants. All the prices on the boards went from lira to Euros and Pounds. We also heard a lot more English.

Josh: Today we hung out at the villa in the morning. We found Special K at the Kipa and we ate that for breakfast. We walked out to a beach that we didn't usually go to. We had more fun there than at the other beach. I liked it better because it had two rafts, it was great for snorkeling, there was a dock that we could jump off. We snorkeled, we dived, we played around on the rafts. Near the end, Dad ordered us French fries from the restaurant. Soon after, we left, had cheese sandwiches for lunch at home. Me, Kate and mom left for the marketplace in Gundogan.

Mom: We didn't find the marketplace, but I was happy to find the cyber cafe.

Kate: Our villa is located in Gundogan, overlooking the Aegean Sea and an island called Rabbit Island. The house has two floors. There is a dining area outside, overlooking the sea and we have privacy on the side from a huge boulder. Also located downstairs is the kitchen, the living room and mom & dad's bedroom. The living room has a TV, a couch and two chairs. There are three different English channels on the TV. One is BBC World, one is sports and the last one is CNBC where we sometimes can come together and watch a movie. After you climb one flight of stairs, there is a bathroom. After another flight of stairs you come to a hallway that has a sundeck on the end where we hang our laundry and the boys' and my rooms. In my room I have a queen size bed with air conditioning, all to myself. The boys have a bunkbed room like they do at home, only smaller. There is also a bathroom across from my room--just like home, but it doesn't feel like home without Kenny.

Mom: Tonight we are grilling again. The kids opted for chicken legs and Mike and I are playing a low-risk
Swimming pier at local beachSwimming pier at local beachSwimming pier at local beach

There is a beautiful beach and swmming pier within easy walking distance of the villa
form of Russian Roulette with some sausages that we picked at random from the meat counter at the grocery store. Today was "market day" in Gundogan. Market day moves from town to town throughout the week so that everyone can get their fair share of fresh produce and whatnot. We've been having watermelon for just about every meal. Cherries appear to be in season, as are peaches. I saw a large variety of beans, some giant eggplant and many wonderful looking tomatoes. The Turks appear to be big pepper eaters; there are always giant piles of what look like banana peppers from home. Parsley and mint appear to be the popular favorites from the herb aisle. I'm hoping to find basil at some point, but haven't yet. If I can score some with roots, I'll plant it by the house so I can harvest at will.

We were all very pleased by the beach at the bottom of the hill that we found today. Kate mentioned some details about the layout of our house, but perhaps I can fill in some gaps. Basically, we are at the top of a very narrow, winding road on a cliff. There are a number of other villas nearby, but we are pretty private. There are some terraced garden beds just below the house and some steps alongside the beds that lead down to the pool. The pool is wonderful, but we probably will only use it when we feel too lazy to go down to the sea. The beach in town (we would have to drive or take the bus there) is a fairly rocky sand and there are woven umbrellas and wooden lounge chairs that are up for grabs. If you want nicer chairs and umbrellas, you can take up residence at one of the restaurant areas.

The best part of my day is eating our meals out on the porch overlooking the water. There is so much blue! We like to check out what new boats have come into the area and see what other changes are going on around the island and in the cove. The kids like swimming. Tomorrow morning Josh has promised to wake Mike up to watch the sunrise. We have "Dad" with us for one more day. It's going to be very hard for us to drop him off at the airport and say goodbye.


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