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June 22nd 2011
Published: June 23rd 2011
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Yesterday there was the masira, and although I want to make this blog as apolitical as possible, I must comment on the event and its impact on Syrian society.

To the best of my understanding, there was a call for all of Syria to orchestrate supportive rallies across the country from Aleppo in the North, to Homs in the center of the country, to right here in Damascus. Thousands to millions of people throughout the country turned out to throw their support behind Bashar al- Assad, the president. These “Syria is Awesome!” rallies were full of young people, professionals, middle class citizens, minorities, women, and students. Despite the economic and social diversity of the crowd, everyone had one thing in common- their patriotism towards the country and its leader Bashar al Assad. These rallies came a day after the president released another series of reforms for the country.

I was at a “Syria is Awesome” rally last Wednesday in Mezzeh- the neighborhood that hosts the University of Damascus. They unveiled a Syrian flag that was 2 kilometers long, and there was an endless sea of people cheering, dancing, and chanting slogans in support of the president. My uncle and

A kind soul allowed me to use his flag for a picture.
I took a cab and then walked into the heart of the rally. It was liberating, uplifting, unforgettable.
No doubt this rally was motivated by young people, who make up a good piece of the Syrian population. Both last week’s rally and yesterday’s were completely safe, and I felt very much spirited and at ease. Members of the Syrian military were also honored and revered.

The take away lesson from both these rallies leaves no doubt in my mind that Bashar is a very popular president who ignites the spirit of this nation unlike anything I have experienced. When I was watching Assad’s reform speech on Monday at Damascus University, I saw Christian girls arm in arm with Muslims, men mixed with women, and educators and children alike, staring in awe at this history making speech. In midst of this “Arab Spring”, people are coming together in a way that paints Syria internally as a mosaic of tolerance.


29th June 2011

How is it going with tourism in Syria
Hello, My name is Juan Carlos Reynoso, I live in Mexico City. I'm a photographer and last may I went to visit Syria with my father, we visited, Damascus, Palmyra and Aleppo, it was great! I think is one of the most beautiful place in the world! We were the only tourist around because of the conflict in Homs but everything for us was quiet and comfortable. I took many pictures of all this places and I want to writte about your amazing country in order to invite mexican people to visit. I read your blog and liked to kept away of political conflict to, I want to speak about it's magic and tourist situation, As I told you we were the only tourist in this three cities! Would you tell me something more about your experience as a tourist and If you can contact me with more people would be great! Thank you Best regards

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