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May 24th 2010
Published: May 29th 2010
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They are very large.
We have passed the reigns to Phoebe for the Hama blog. I spent most of my time being sickly with a bit of a tummy bug, and Nick was busy organising the rest of our trip. As luck would have it, Phoebe found a friend! Here's what she has to say.....

The bus ride to Hama was a very good bus ride. We went on two buses, the first one was to Homs, from Homs we went to Hama. Mummy wasn't feeling well. Our hotel was a nice family hotel because it made you feel at home. I liked the quilts on the beds because they had nice patterns. On the second day, Mummy watched TV while Dad went to get lunch. He came back with a half a chicken, some chips and dips. Dad and I ate all the chicken, and I ate the drumstick; it was delicious. For dinner we weren't feeling hungry so Dad got us some ice-cream.

On the second day we had a relax day because Mummy still wasn't feeling well. There was a huge amount of stairs in the hotel. Our breakfast was a sort of average breakfast. I had a flat bread
Cheese PastryCheese PastryCheese Pastry

Looks yum but doesn't taste yum.
cheese sandwich. For lunch we went to the same place where Dad got the half chicken from the day before. Dad and I enjoyed another half-chicken but Mummy's meal which we thought was real lentil soup, was actually chicken lentil soup. So I ate Mummy's soup while we gave Mummy all the non-chicken-y food.

On the third day we went to a fancy restaurant for breakfast. The guide book lied about the restaurant. They said it was the best food in Hama but it was actually the most expensive, worst food in Hama. We met lot's of school children on the way. They followed us and knew a tiny bit of English. When we went down to the computer room at our hotel, I did my journal and Dad noticed a girl in reception. I talked to her; she said she was from Australia as well. Her name was Ava, she's nine years old and her Mum's name is Tallulah. I talked to them about my trip and got out two cartoon books to read with Ava. Unfortunately one was in German and one was in French, but we could understand the pictures. We went upstairs to play and
 Phoebe & Ava Phoebe & Ava Phoebe & Ava

Ava still likes me even though I thrashed her at cards.
went under the blankets with our headlights and told spooky stories. That night we we had a picnic up on the roof with Tallulah and Ava. Ava and I made a cubby house and we stayed up late playing games.

The next day Mum and Dad finally booked flights to the UK from Turkey. I'm looking forward to seeing 'Gramma' Janet. Ava and I made a even huger cubby house outside on the roof of the hotel. We made the cubby house while Ava's Mum bought some yummy fruit. A woman came and took away two of the mattresses which made our cubby house smaller. The roof in my area of the cubby house was low but the area was big. In Ava's area the roof was high but the area was small. In the afternoon Dad and I made a great, amazing house of cards. That night we went out for dinner with Ava and her Mum. We had nice views of the water wheels on the river. They picked up water from the river and put it into a wall which went to houses. If you ever go there I would advise you to bring ear muffs, as they are very noisy. We were lucky because we went to a restaurant with a jumping castle nearby. We played on the jumping castle and then went to get ice-creams. Ava really didn't like nuts and thought her ice-cream was chocolate, but it was actually nuts. The same with mine, so I made Mummy eat it.

From Hama we will catch a bus to Aleppo, where we will stay before we go to Turkey. I think I would like to have a Turkish bath in Turkey.


29th May 2010

Phoebe is a star!
What a wonderful essay you have written Phoebe. Its all so well described and explained - especially the food bits! I can't wait to see you either and its not long now. I'll be meeting you at Edinburgh airport and you will get to see the beautiful Scottish borders. Then we'll go to North Wales and you'll meet your English family. lots and lots of love GJ xxx
30th May 2010

cubby houses
Hi Phoebe,how good are cubby houses,kids from,every where make them don't they .We used cuddly mohair blankets. Hope mummy's tummy is better love Aunty Chris.
30th May 2010

hi phoebe, while your poor mum was sick and while you and dad were going in hard with the chucks lukas and i finally made our way home.we arrived in london and got the warmest welcome from our friends, we arrived in klagenfurt and got the ultrawarmest welcome from family and friends.now we are busy settling in again,it all feels a little weird.guess what?lukas went to see the new zealand soccer team play serbia in our stadium last night ,apparently they were doing a testmatch for the world cup.congrats.new zealand won!!!!enjoy your turkish bath,keep writing such good blog entries and look well after mum and dad.lots of love, birgit and lukas
30th May 2010

Hi Phoebe, great blog! Hope to hear more of yours in the future. Say hi to mum and dad for me Sharleen x

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