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Middle East » Syria » South » Al Qunaytirah March 15th 2009

El monasterio de Mar Musa (San Moisés) data de mediados del siglo VI y es de rito siriaco. FUe restaurado en el 1058 y en el siglo XV y tiene frescos de los siglos XI y XII. En el siglo XIX fue abandonado hasta que en los años 1990 el P. Paolo, un jesuita italiano, inició la rastauración. Fui la primera vez en el año 2001 cuando era profesor en Beirut, ahora sigo yendo, una vez me dejaron la habitación del obispo y el P. Paolo me ha nombrado Hermano Honorario. Más información en Mar Musa Munasteri VI yüzyilinda yapilmisti, sonra 1058 ve XVI yüzyilinda yeninlendi. Freskolari XI ve XII yy kalma. XIX yy bos oldu hatta 1990'larina kadar, P.Paolo, bir italian jesuit, restore etti. Ben ilk kez 2001'de Beyrutan gittim, orda ögretmenlik yapardim, simi ... read more
Entrada, Giris

Middle East » Syria » South » Al Qunaytirah November 18th 2008

The Story of a Fight Over Olive Trees The sign over the once functioning Golan Hospital reads, “Destructed by Zionists and changed it to firing target.” In 1967 during the Six Day War the Israeli army pushed into the Golan Heights and began an occupation of more than 450 square km of formerly Syrian territory, which included the small village of Al-Quneitra. However, only six years later the during the Yom Kippur War the Syria forces pushed back and negotiated a cease fire with Israel that remains in place today. The cease fire returned 150 square km of territory back to Syria and created a UN monitored buffer zone between the two countries. Within the land returned to Syrian control was Al-Quneitra. Upon withdrawing from Al-Quneitra, the Israeli army displaced all of the towns’ residents and ... read more
The Rubble of a Dynamited House
The Entrance to the Al-Quneitra Hospital
Inside the Hospital

Middle East » Syria » South » Al Qunaytirah March 30th 2008

Within the troubled history of the Middle East, the Golan Heights hold a particularly inauspicious name. Fought over in both 1967 and 1973 between Israel and Syria, this piece of land was finally placed under UN control with the Syrian and Israeli forces staring sternly at each other from across the minefield laden no-man's land. Quneitra was the area’s regional capital, housing 37,000 residents, but during the dispute, Israel evacuated the population and rampantly destroyed the town. Today the UN De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) is controlled by Japanese, Indian, Austrian and Polish forces. The previous day to this journey, I was fortunate to meet an adventurous Japanese solo traveller called Reiko. We met each other in the bustle of the Umayyad Mosque, and after watching her interact with the local people who were charmed by her almost ... read more
Deserted main road of Quneitra, Syria
An Indian UN officer at the border crossing - Quneitra, Syria
A name beset with problems - Quneitra, Syria

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