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April 14th 2010
Published: April 25th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

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Independence Day preparationsIndependence Day preparationsIndependence Day preparations

Be gone, you Frenchies!
I decided to hang around Aleppo a bit longer, it's such a great city. I've been hanging around the souks a lot, getting lost a lot, seeing a lot and generally having a lot of fun.
I'm meeting interesting people. There's this old Iraqi businessman staying at the Zawahe hotel who's a practical joker. He wanted to swap lighter but a Nicole (Aussie, she's come to Aleppo for 2 weeks R&R) warned me: it's one of those electric shock lighters. The guy has a cheeky smile but you'd never suspect. Hung around the hotel for a while watching the guy get tourist after touris. He's got the electro shock lighter, chewing gum and pen.... Some folks he got three times in a row :-)
While having a drink outside the Zawahe that evening, the yellow man showed up. He's an older guy with an unusual choice of lifestyle: yellow. Yellow clothes, shoes, shoelaces, mobile phone an worry beads. Apparently, his house is also completely yellow inside. I'd love to see that place!

I've been spending at lot of time at the shop in the souk where M. works. It's great fun seeing him and his brother in action, they're complete
The Souk on FridayThe Souk on FridayThe Souk on Friday

Peace at last...
opposites. M is a good natured care bear, while his brother seems more intent on insulting customers at times. And their young cousin just talks to every touris about foot fetishes or stands around shouting 'Blowjob' over and over... Interesting team.

Dinner at M's was great, after a while his brother and several of his cousins started arriving, it appears M's place is the hangout for all the (male) relatives. A friend of M's was also there, Bruce, a South African/Aussie who's having an extended stay in Aleppo.

I went for dinner again the enxt day, and this time M's sister had done some home cooking, stuffed zuchini. Best I've had this holiday. Didn't get to meet her, M just picked up the food and heated it at his place. More or less all M's 8 brothers and 3 sisters, and their 40+ something kids live within walking distance of each other.

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