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Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Riyadh October 28th 2012

A trecut deja un an decand suntem in KSA. Vacanta de Eid de anul trecut a trecut neobservata, dar anul acest am decis sa "iesim". Dupa ore intregi de "google", toti trei, fiecare cu computerul sau, Miriam a gasit o oferta buna in Abu Dhabi. Eu visam Oman, Henk Istambul. Dar am facut rezervarea si ne-am anuntat toti prietenii ca vom fi plecati in vacanta de Eid. Ba ne-am si dat intalnire cu o alta familie olandeza in Abu Dhabi, sambata dimineata. Stiam eu bine ca nu e cazul sa-ti faci planuri in Saudi, mai ales daca vreo rotita in planul tau este localnica (exceptiile intaresc regula:). Noi credeam ca ne urcam in masina joia dimineata si pornim la drum. Ei bine, nu. Masina e inchiriata, deci are nevoie de o hartie speciala pentru a trece ... read more
Pe malul mari
Bere dieta

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Riyadh September 15th 2012

O iesire la "nisipul cald" cand afara e peste 40 de grade? De ce nu. Te pornesti la drum si stai cat poti in masina (cu aer conditionat). Cand nu mai ai incotro, iesi afara. Si culmea, caldura te loveste in cap dar in mod ciudat, nu m-a toropit. Doar draga de Miriam s-a inrosit ca un rac si a cautat un pic de umbra sub o stanca. Nici nu am vrut sa ma gandesc la faptul ca exista si scorpioni in desert. Pentru mine desertul are acelasi farmec, si sentimentul de pace pe care il incerc doar privind dunele e minunat. Stancile care rasar din cand in cand printre dunele de nisip au forme cat se poate de interesante, si nu ai nevoie de prea multa imaginatie ca sa te inchipui pe fundul unei mari. ... read more
desenele sunt pe fiecare culme de staca
animale 1

Middle East » Saudi Arabia September 12th 2012

Just having last breakfast. Had awesome day yesterday high t at burg Arab Arab the 7 star hotel not cheap but worth every penny. 3 hours 7 courses champagne an t with fantastic views. Went an saw the massive dancing fountain after. Magic day to finish with. See weather not gd at home mite stay Aussie for week see you all soon... read more

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Khafji August 16th 2012

Six months after I started my first “real” job in 2005, my boss calls me into her office and says I need to go to Saudi Arabia in a couple of weeks. As she (the one with actual experience) is a single Muslim woman, she couldn't go which means I would get to hang out in the desert and pretend I knew what I was doing. I have to admit that it was a little unnerving. I had never been to the Middle East, much less the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I was still in the “fake it till you make it” stage of my career (still am, really), and the account at stake was very valuable. But, whatever. I knew I’d come back with stories. As I got ready to head to the airport for ... read more
My hotel room in Khafji
Back in Bahrain with the Singers

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Riyadh July 22nd 2012

Ramadan Kareem, dat betekent de heilige maand Ramadan. Ramadan is de naam van de negende maand in de Islamitische kalender, en vandaag hebben we al weer 3 Ramadan van het jaar 1433. Ik zag overal de spreuk “Ramadan Kareem” verschijnen, dus ik vroeg aan iemand op kantoor wat het woord Kareem precies betekent. Dat betekent gul of vrijgevig, maar in combinatie met Ramadan heeft het de speciale betekenis van de heilige maand Ramadan. Het is een maand van bezinning en inkeer, dus het is de bedoeling dat iedereen gelouterd wordt en er als een beter mens uit komt. In Kabul hadden we ook al eens Ramadan meegemaakt, maar zo streng als hier was het daar zeker niet. Ramadan is voor alle moslims de vastenmaand. Moslims mogen tijdens deze maand niet eten, drinken, roken, of vrijen tussen ... read more
Net aangekomen: zes halve kunstkoeien
Ramadan in de shopping mall
Ramadan ster

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Riyadh June 23rd 2012

Caldura de afara ar fi o scuza perfecta pentru a fi lenes, dar povestile mele s-au "oprit" din cauza Internet-ului. "Cutia" magica care ne conecta la Internet se incalzea peste masura, zicea managerului compound-ului, dar de, afara sunt 46 de grade (in casa mai putin), deci nici nu e de mirare. Pana la urma mi-au pus o noua cutiuta, mai rezistenta la caldura:) De fapt odata cu vara, activitatile de aici se desfasoara mai mult in spatii cu aer conditionat. Am si eu in casa astfel de aparate, numai ca fac atat de multa galagie incat sunt nevoita sa-l "rationalizez". Si contrat temerilor mele, suport caldura mai bine decat m-am asteptat. Sunt ca o camila, ma misc incet si-mi conserv energia, cand ies afara cu abaya, si stau mai mult in apa, daca ies afara fara ... read more
de vanzare...
camera de zi

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Dhahran June 23rd 2012

I really wanted to blog again, but I've had continuing internet problems. Nothing is more frustrating than writing a pithy, well-written blog, only to have it blown to bits when the site locks up. This happened to me about four times in a row and I gave up. So I think I'll skip the commentary and post my photos instead. I can't get the photos in the order I loaded them, but it's time to give up after many, many, many tries. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos.... read more
Bird on the way to work
Heritage Village in Dammam
117 degrees outside!!

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Riyadh May 29th 2012

Pentru ca odata venita vara caldura te inchide in casa, ultima excursie din aceste sezon a fost saptamana trecuta, in Al Qassim. Dupa 350 de km si o furtuna de nisip, am ajuns in Unaizah. Qassim e o provincie, si "capitala" e formata din doua orase alaturate, Unaizah si AlBukairyah. In Unaizah am oprit la o ferma agricola (Al Malwhe), de unde am plecat cu rosii, castraveti si ardei (parca pleacam de la bunica, pe vremuri). Apoi am oprit intr-un parc cu smochini (Falaih Unaizah Palm Tree Park), intr-un fel de muzeu in aer liber (casa traditionala si piata, Al Bassam Heritage House & Al-Masoka souk), si intr-un mic resort (Al-Zenada), nefinalizat inca, unde proprietarul a comandat pentru noi o "ploaie" la minut (dintr-o stropitoare aflata la 3 metri inaltime). Amiaza si apoi odihna cuvenita, intr-un ... read more
Parc de smochini
sistemul de ploaie la comanda

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Al-Hofuf May 25th 2012

The Jabal Al Qarah Caves, located approximately 13 km east of Al Hofuf, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, are an intricate cave system developed in the calcareous sandstone, marl and clay of the Upper Miocene to Lower Pliocene Hofuf Formation. Physiographically, the hill of Jabal Al Qarah is an outlier mesa that is located at the eastern edge of the Shedgum Plateau, the southern extension of the As Summan Plateau, and the larger Syrian Plateau to the north. Based on cave morphology and interpreted evolutionary history, the Jabal Al Qarah caves appear to be significantly different from other limestone caves reported in the As Summan Plateau. Jabal Al Qarah is known for its tall, linear cave passages and narrow canyons. The boxwork of linear passages is better developed here than any other known cave locations in ... read more

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Khobar May 25th 2012

Al-Khobar is one of the major cities in the Eastern province, the other two cities being Dammam and Dhahran. These three cities function as a closely linked triangle, that has its existence for centuries now. The History of Al Khobar is very interesting as it is a part of the magnificent Saudi Arabia. It is said, that, in the past, the Al-Khobar used to be a small port on the famous Arabian Gulf. This port of the past was mainly inhabited by the fishermen. But, the small port was soon to be one of the greatest discoveries. Oil was found in Al-Khobar and it was transformed into a busy industrial port. However, this does not end Al-Khobar's History, rather, this era saw the beginning of Al-Khobar as one of the major ports in the Middle East. ... read more

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