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Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Khobar March 30th 2019

Being assigned to work in a remote area where you can only see vast deserts and camels makes someone a stranger when the latter had a chance to visit the city. A lot has changed since I've visited this place. The developments in this area have made it more attractive to locals, tourists and expat like me. A nice sea view, lots of green and breezy weather compared to our work site which is dry and barren. Al-Khobar is a big city, and one of the cleanest and neatest with huge shopping malls, hotels, wide streets, and high-rise buildings. Btw, Al-Khobar has become the first city in the MENA region to benefit from a pilot project on the fifth-generation wireless network, or 5G network. Come now and visit Al-Khobar!... read more
Nice place to sit
Neat and clean
Nice to walk around

Middle East » Saudi Arabia June 21st 2018

Ever wonder alone in the vastness of the sand as far as the eyes can see? Feeling the gust of wind touching your face under the mighty sun. Warm, you feel warm as you stare into nothingness. You will feel alone and you will miss your home. But at the back of your mind... you're stuck where you are standing. You plead as you are deprived of some pleasures of life... And you wish someone out there is longing to be with you for a while. Yet you are still standing in the vastness of the sand. You hope you can move the hands of time. Having this feeling of loneliness... Even the mighty will fall.... read more
Sand, sand, sand
Sand again

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Khobar December 23rd 2016

Never too late to post this 2016 Christmas gathering with colleagues though simple, we enjoyed celebrating it away from home. This is as usual for expats working in the foreign land and the challenge is that you are in a country that does not celebrate this kind of holiday season. Got teary eyed when this time of the year comes around while I'm here. How one will wish to be back home to celebrate Christmas with family and friends. Now this is the mouth-watering part of the celebration: We all agreed to meet on Friday-off on December 23rd at Hot Pot Restaurant in 4th St, Thuqbah, Al Khobar. This is a smokeless Grill and Shabu-Shabu Restaurant where you can cook-and-eat-all-you-can!! 'till your gut explodes (LOL-just joking) with variety of choices to cook-and-eat like shrimp, dumplings, marinated ... read more
Tomyang being prepared
Start cooking
Can't wait...

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Khobar November 25th 2016

Spending my Friday-off at Corniche Al-Khobar, an extension of Half Moon Bay via Aziza beach stretching to the city of Dammam where green spaces abound along the coast where friends and families both local and expats go to enjoy a spectacular sea views. You will see lots of Kabayans here enjoying their weekend with families and friends. Some of them play RC car while others are fishing and patiently waiting for a catch. Others enjoy riding on their bicycles, jogging or having small snacks with a cup of coffee or tea. All work stress are relieved with the spectacular view of the sea.... read more
Choo choo! Express train...
Kabayans playing RC
RC race

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Jubail October 28th 2016

Being in a foreign land to work away from your family and home is not an easy and happy experience. Don't burn yourself and stressed out. There are also perks for being an expat. During one of our rest day, me and my colleagues went to a beach in Jubail. Jubail is a city in the Eastern province on the Persian Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia. It is the host of the largest industrial city in the Middle East. We went to Al Nakheel Beach, a one and a half hour drive from our place. The weather is good in October as the weather here in Saudi is changing from hot to cold at this month until February. A cool breeze welcomes us as we arrived at the beach.... read more

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Jeddah July 6th 2016

That turnaround was the worst ever in my whole career. Hard to manage timing, night departure and noon arrival, very difficult passengers profile. Well, that job is not always about nice and easy flights with pleasant layovers. Hope to never experiance that again. / Ten turnaround był najgorszym lotem w mojej dotychczasowej karierze. Począwszy od trudnej do pracy pory, nocny wylot i powrót w południe, kończąc na bardzo ciężkim typie pasażerów. Cóż, ta praca to nie tylko łatwe i przyjemne loty z fajnymi layoverami. Mam nadzieje nie powtórzyć tego doświadczenia nigdy więcej.... read more

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Dammam April 22nd 2016

Very short flight, only one hour. Another visit to Saudi Arabia terriory, and again only Airport neighbourhood seen by aircraft windows. / Króciutki lot, bo tylko godzina. Kolejna wizyta na terenie Arabii saudyjskiej, ponownie jedynie okolice lotniska widziane z okien samolotu.... read more

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Jeddah February 15th 2016

It was only turnaround flight but opportunity to interact with full a380 of Muslim pilgrims in ihrams (traditional pilgrim clothes), whole families from infants to grand grand parents, was priceless. All of them with extra heavy bags, no english, and all of them swapping seats to be close to each families, but anyway it was nice surprise, because i had really good time with those people. They need really not a lot to be happy, and whole flight were calling me per sister :) / Był to tylko lot turnaround, jednak sposobność interakcji z pełnym a380 Muzułmańskich pielgrzymów w ihramach (tradycyjna pielgrzymkowa odzież), całe rodziny od niemowlaków po pra pra dziadków, była bezcenna. Wszyscy obładowani ekstra ciężkimi bagażami, nikt nie mówił po angielsku i wszyscy zmieniali miejsca, żeby siedzieć blisko ze swoimi rodzinami, mimo to lot ... read more

Middle East » Saudi Arabia November 10th 2015

Geo: 24.7566, 36.6835This is the third sea day in row with two more before the next port. We are very good at doing mostly nothing. Breakfast in the dining room, a bit of organizing all the papers I've collected, catching up on writing some, reading, lunch in the Colonnade and listening to a talk by one of the on-board experts took up the daytime hours. There are three on-board experts on this trip. We have listened to two of them several times. The first we heard was Terry Ellis who is a manager for musical groups including Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull and was co-founder of Chrysalis Records. He was active in the industry from the late 1960s until today and has given several talks about his career, the music business, and the record industry. The ... read more
The Restaurant

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Riyadh December 6th 2014

In urma cu doua saptamani am facut o vizita in Al Jouf, o provincie aproape de granita cu Iordania. La ora 4 dimineata eram in aeroport, si la 7,30 dimineata am aterizat in Al Jouf. "Intr-o lume unde culturile se schimba datorita revolutiei din technologie, pentru a-ti descoperi originea trebuie sa calatoresti in trecut" - spunea ghidul turistic primit la intrarea in hotel. Intr-adevar, Al Jouf iti ofera o astfel de calatorie in trecut. Unele locuri vizitate sunt din perioada paleolitica, iar favoritul meu a fost Al Rajajil, o mostenire misterioasa a unui popor antic necunoscut. Mai multe grupuri de pilari din piatra, asezate intr-o oarecare forma circulara, m-au incarcat de o energie misterioasa. Mi-am facut si eu pentru prima data un selfie, rezemata de un astfel de pilar, vechi ca si sufletul meu. Castelul Qasr ... read more
hotel Al Nusl - o piatra antica
hotel sala de primire
in interiorul unui serai (tot hotelul)

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