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Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Yanbu November 9th 2019

Now that Saudi Arabia has opened up and embraced tourism, I feel that I can post some of my experiences I have had there in the past year while working on various projects. Our company has a large presence there and since it is so big, we often need to help out from our Dubai (regional) office. I am currently helping to train the geologists and engineers while we put a new structure in place. Additionally, we had a few consulting projects that require geologists like me, who have a background in geohazards. When people think of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in general, they think "Desert" - sand, no vegetation, barren... Yes, you do get a lot (LOT) of that, but there are also mountains, wadis, coasts, islands... So, two of the locations that ... read more
Al Ula valley
Al Ula region
Umlujj area rock mapping

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Yanbu March 14th 2013

Breezed through immigration for a change - of course my luggage did not make it. Here they restrict the sale of cigarettes and gas is 0.47 Rial/liter or 0.617 for premium - almost free. And 650 channels in the Medina hotel + nothing on. The highlight was a visit to Mada'in Salih.... read more
On the Harrat
On a Harrat

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