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May 25th 2012
Published: May 25th 2012
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Al-Khobar is one of the major cities in the Eastern province, the other two cities being Dammam and Dhahran. These three cities function as a closely linked triangle, that has its existence for centuries now. The History of Al Khobar is very interesting as it is a part of the magnificent Saudi Arabia. It is said, that, in the past, the Al-Khobar used to be a small port on the famous Arabian Gulf. This port of the past was mainly inhabited by the fishermen. But, the small port was soon to be one of the greatest discoveries. Oil was found in Al-Khobar and it was transformed into a busy industrial port. However, this does not end Al-Khobar's History, rather, this era saw the beginning of Al-Khobar as one of the major ports in the Middle East.

The Historical Account of Al Khobar says-the municipal corporation of Al-Khobar had come to power during this era, in the year of 1942. The discovery of oil in this land prompted rapid development of trade and commerce in the city. According to the History of Al Khobar, the city had become a commercial point in the Eastern Province and people in large numbers would come to trade oil and find employment. The city planning of Al-Khobar had been triggered off in 1942 (1361 H). The city is sectioned into residential areas, transected by roads.

The Al Khobar Historical Information is also majorly related to the history of Saudi Arabia, since it is an important part of it. There are many places for Sightseeing in Al Khobar. After oil, the Al Khobar Tourism is also emerging as a booming industry and people from all over the world are coming to experience this quite and beautiful land, with their own eyes. The History of Al Khobar also describes the place to be a village that was inhabited by the Al Dawasir tribe.

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